Option characteristic briefly

Options are prevalent in the world of finance and serve many functions. Investors and traders use options to gain or reduce exposure, change the portfolio structure, ie, convexityenhance returns and enact arbitrage strategies.

For some, the price of an option is considered expensive and synthetically creating the option may be more cost effective.

Definition of Derivatives

Because option pricing theory is constructed on the idea of dynamically creating a "hedge" or replicating portfolio, understanding option replication is fundamental to understanding the intricacies of option pricing and hedging. There are many reasons an investor would want a portfolio that contains "optionality.

However, some investors cannot or will not use derivative products, either because of investment restrictions or lack of sophistication.

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  • The strike price may be set by reference to the spot price market price of the underlying security or commodity on the day an option is taken out, or it may be fixed at a discount or at a premium.
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Second, because option implied volatilities are often higher than actual volatilities, options can be overpriced. A replicating strategy can be a viable alternative for investors wishing to obtain a fairly priced option like asset. An asset manager can use an option replication strategy in conjunction with their own "value added" strategies to provide clients guaranteed returns and option-like payoff profiles.

This article provides an overview of option replication, discusses a delta replication strategy, and provides examples of how an asset manager would use a replicating strategy. Each time we rebalance our replicating portfolio, we ask the question--how will the option price change if the price of the underlying asset, or other factor such as volatility changes?

option characteristic briefly

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The exact answer to this is given by the option model, and an appropriate hedge is transacted based up on that answer. A portfolio that perfectly replicates an option will exactly match the option's payout and the hedging cost of creating this portfolio will exactly match the initial option price.

Because option characteristic briefly price path of the underlying asset is impossible to know in advance, the original option cost and the actual hedging costs are often different. Unlike option characteristic briefly case when an option is purchased and the cost is known upfront, replicating an option can lead to higher, or lower, costs.

Underlying Asset

The three most common types of replication are delta, gamma, and vega replication. Delta replication focuses on the option's price sensitivity to changes in the underlying asset, gamma replication on the option delta's sensitivity to changes in the underlying, and vega replication on the option characteristic briefly price's sensitivity to changes in implied volatility.

The option model provides a hedge ratio or delta, which tells how much the option price will change as the underlying asset changes.

Derivatives are instruments to manage financial risks.

For example, a delta of 0. Delta, which ranges between 0 and 1, is used directly to allocate the investment in the underlying and risk-less investment--Treasury bills.

The higher the delta, the more money is invested in the underlying asset and the less invested in the T-bill. Unlike an option purchase where the up-front cost is known, the hedger can not be sure, until the option expires, how much it will cost to replicate the option.

Following a delta or other hedging strategy does not guarantee hedging costs will equal the option cost.

The notional amount of the strategy is USD million. Table I shows the program details. Lets compare two strategies, buying a call option and replicating a call option.

option characteristic briefly

We use a Black-Scholes based option model for the option calculations. For a bill priced at Here, the implied option cost is USD2.

Currency Option

The option option characteristic briefly of USD2. At worst, this option expires worthless at a total cost up-front of USD2. The choice of option strike is unlimited as the investor can buy less of a lower strike call, or more of a higher strike call as long as they do not spend more than USD2.

option characteristic briefly

Out- of- price option strike can also be solved for by an iterative option characteristic briefly assuming the investor wants to buy one call option for each amount of initial investment.

For a delta of.

What are Derivatives in Finance?

Each day, the portfolio is re-balanced to reflect changes in the option delta. Table II shows how the bond position will change as the bond price changes as of the first day of the program.

option characteristic briefly

Figure 1 shows the same relationship but also shows how the position changes with respect to time. As you can see, as the price of the bond increases decreasesthe replicating strategy requires additional purchases sales of the bond.

Also notice that sensitivity is enhanced as the program nears it's expiration date. A pitfall of replication is unexpected hedging costs. Consider what would happen if the bond traded at and on consecutive days.

Call Cption vs. Put Option

When the price moved toyou would buy about USD15 million more bonds, and then be forced to sell those same bonds at a 3 point loss. Just a few days of such volatility could cause the hedging costs to exceed the anticipated cost of the option.

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If one had a perfect forecast for volatility, then the initial cost of the option would have been estimated using a higher volatility, and the actual cost would more closely match the anticipated cost. Often, the manager's strategy provides upside participation with a "guaranteed" minimum return. The manager has the opportunity to "add value" by making curve and convexity bets in the replicating portfolio.

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