Trend line trading strategies, 3 Trendline Strategies

In this article, I will teach you how to draw trend lines correctly, trendline breakout confirmation, trendline trading strategy secrets, 4 keys to profitable forex trend trading, and many more key elements to trading. This strategy may also be used with accuracy when day trading trend lines.

Phillip Konchar November 13, Markets like to trend as supply and demand are not always in balance. Increased supply over a period of time pushes prices lower, as sellers are lowering their prices to find buyers in the market.

trend line trading strategies

Similarly, increased demand pushes prices higher over time, as buyers keep bidding prices to higher levels. In essence, those forces create uptrends and downtrends.

But first, keep in mind the two most important concepts when it comes to drawing and using trendlines: A confirmed trendline has 3 touchpoints You can always connect any two random points on your charts but only if you have a third one, you are dealing with a validated and active trendline. Never cut through the bodies It is OK to cut through the candlestick wicks when drawing a trendline, but never cut through the bodies!

Uptrends are characterised by consecutive higher highs and higher lows in the price, while downtrends are represented by consecutive lower lows and lower highs in the price. Trend-following trading strategies have a huge following among Forex traders and one of the most efficient tools to follow a trend are trendlines.

trend line trading strategies

Trendlines are lines that connect consecutive higher lows in an uptrend and lower highs in a downtrend. Learn more, take our premium course: Trading for Beginners Trendline Trading Tips Look for at least three touches on the trendline When trading with trendlines, make sure that the price touches the trendline at least three times.

trend line trading strategies

As a rule of thumb, the more times the trend line trading strategies has touched the trendline in the past, the more important the trendline becomes. As you can see, the falling trendline connects consecutive lower highs in a downtrend.

trend line trading strategies

A trader could enter with a short position each time the price reaches the trendline from below, touches it and reverses. A stop-loss order should be placed just above the trendline. Another trend line trading strategies mistake is to move a trendline to get a tradeable and actionable setup.

In this regard, trendlines are very subjective.

Forex Trendline Price Action Secrets -How to use Trendline Trading on every Step -Trading Like a Pro

Every trader can fine-tune a trendline to get a long or short opportunity. Measure the time between consecutive touches Besides trading bounces off a trendline, you can also look to trade breakouts above a falling trendline and below a rising trendline.

With the help of the Auto Trendline indicator for MT4you can implement whichever trendline trading strategy fits your style.

These breakout trades are usually followed by a large trading momentum in the direction of the breakout, which makes them a popular trading approach among day traders. However, before a breakout occurs, the price tends to cluster around the trendline and the time between the consecutive touches tends to become shorter. This is best explained by the next chart.

trend line trading strategies

As the uptrend started to lose momentum, the times between each consecutive touch on the trendline became shorter. Finally, the time between the last two touches was only seven days, after which the pair broke below the trendline and started a strong downtrend.

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