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Register Now Directional Vs Neutral? More often traders are confused when to bet directional and workshop options to create neutral trade. Options gives you a unique edge and we are here to teach how and when which structure to adopt by taking risk into an account.

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Should I attend? We layout clear process and steps by step approach how to understand options from moderate to advance level.

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Practical approach Trading is more about applying concepts to make money. There is not point if you just learn theoretical side of markets.

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We ourselves are trader and thus we know what exactly it needs to be successful trader. Our approach is workshop options see the data and make best trade our of it. Course Content Most practical and realistic content, In two days we will take you right from Intraday to positional strategies, which may generate consistent return.

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Day 1 Greeks not only for geeks We will break the ice that option greeks are not only for geeks minimum trading computer numbers oriented people. We will try to simplify option greeks in such a way that you as a trader can make best out of it.

Payoff Management Most traders just focus on expiry payoff and more than often trade is not taken with such view. Neutral Strategies The biggest difference which workshop options is, when to be directional or when to be neutral.

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We will run you through step by step approach to use available data to decide whether its directional or neutral stance. Day 2 Data Reading Data reading is of the most important tools in your armour specially when you are trying to form view on Implied Volatility and underlying. Directional Strategies Learn some of the very consistent view making techniques which can help you taking bet on direction.

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Be it Intra-day or positional, learn how advanced charting can be used workshop options trade futures or options. Event Trading One of the most consistent trades are around events. Learn how to workshop options trade around any event by keeping available data in mind.

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Expiry Trading Since the launch of weekly options expiry, expiry trading has been the biggest buzz. We will showcase best strategies and demystify how to make consistent money around weekly workshop options Options Trade Adjustments It is said that options trader spends more time on adjustment than workshop options initiation of trade. We will showcase industry standard repair techniques for your losing options trade.

He has headed a prop book trading desk in his previous assignment, generating alphas in all kind of market scenarios. Read more about Vishvesh, in article by moneycontrol. Volatility Step by step technique to form view on volatility.

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Risk How to understand Risk associated with any trade. Adjustment Learn how to adjust losing options trade, and how to manage. Expiry trading While it has been the workshop options buzz, post weekly options expiry.

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We will showcase best strategies and demystify how and why it can not only be the way to make consistent money. Learn from the trader himself, how he uses data to form view. Take your trading to Alpha Level Useful Pages.