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Carey Updated Dec 21, We publish unbiased product reviews; our opinions are our own and are not influenced by payment we receive from our advertising partners. Learn more about how we review products and read our advertiser disclosure for how we make money. We've spent thousands of hours analyzing the robo-advisor market in order to identify the best options for a wide range of needs and objectives.

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This list represents our top rated robo-advisors across a number of categories, all driven by our proprietary rating methodology. We focus on highlighting the best robo-advisors possible and do not give any preference to robo-advisors from which we may receive compensation.

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These are the robo-advisors we'd recommend to our family and friends, and they're the same ones we're recommending to you. Wealthfront offers fully digital investing for a very competitive price.

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It has taken huge strides towards its goal of Self-Driving Money with the launch of Autopilot, which monitors bank accounts and moves funds above your monthly spending needs into an investing account or Wealthfront's high-yield savings account. Fees for investing are on the lower end of the scale, charging 0.

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Best for Goal Setting: Wealthfront is also our top choice for goal setting due to the high quality of its goal-setting and planning technology, which is excellent and should serve as a model for other robo-advisors make money online robot ext emulate.

You can develop a detailed retirement plan, or connect to third-party data to figure out how much you should set aside for a planned home purchase or for college expenses. Setting up a Wealthfront account gives you access to Path, the free financial planning tool that integrates your account make money online robot ext and uses third-party data to better project your financial situation, whether or not you open an investment account.

Portfolios invested according to ESG strategies, including some of the Smart Beta portfolios, are marked in the list with a green leaf.

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If you choose a portfolio that is not invested according to ESG strategies, you can avoid entire groups of companies that do not share your values, as well as single stock exclusions that automatically apply to all your investments. Each exclusion group typically comprises 25 stocks and is reviewed annually.

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Best for Portfolio Construction: Interactive Advisors is also our top choice for portfolio construction because it offers a vast range of asset classes that can be used to build a portfolio. The portfolio choices at Interactive Advisors are varied. Most portfolios contain fractional shares of individual stocks. Some portfolios have up to what s new on the options market. Other portfolios follow certain market sectors, including real estate, consumer discretionary spending, and utilities.

This allows investors to take sector positions, which is something not many robo-advisories offer.

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You can also invest in a general global portfolio that includes equities and fixed income from across the globe. This level of portfolio customization is rare within the current robo-advisory industry and it is one of the main reasons that Interactive Advisors may be a better fit for well-informed investors who want that level of control.

Pros Wide range of make money online robot ext offered Most portfolios include baskets of stocks rather than ETFs Actively managed portfolios are run by boutique wealth managers, and clients mirror their trades The PortfolioAnalyst tool lets you consolidate and track all of your financial accounts Customers can borrow against their non-managed accounts at relatively low-interest rates Cons Some of the actively managed portfolios have very high minimums The process of opening and funding an account is more difficult than at other robo-advisories Not immediately obvious what your actual costs will be You need a large account and a high cash balance to earn interest on idle cash Betterment: Best for Beginners and Best for Cash Management 4.

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