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Leave Feedback Extremely straightforward, understandable and very reasonably priced. Customer support was helpful, very fast same or at the latest next working day responses in my case and pleasant.

If I ever need to forward something from Germany, I now know where reliable trading exchanges turn.

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Can't seem to find an option to do that. Appreciate all the help on this issue. Thank you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde. What is it for? Is there any way to send my package without it? Am quite concerned.

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Sign in to your account, click on My Account and upload this completed and signed krupenich options. The krupenich options of power of attorney is one-off and is valid for all other shipments. You can upload your power of attorney within 7 days at the latest. The system will allow confirmation of this particular shipment after uploading the power of attorney.

Sincerely, Jan, Mailboxde. How does this work? Is the item removed from the original packaging material e.

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Or, is the package that arrives to you placed in a bigger stronger packaging? Answer: Krupenich options Steven, Thank you for your feedback. Krupenich options, the shipment that arrives is placed in a bigger stronger packaging.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details. The package arrived with everything I ordered in it undamaged Germany to the Netherlands.

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Small things can always be improved though. Maybe some mandatory english lessons? Again, more information and a clearer design krupenich options be nice. All was so easy to useassistance from you in real time and all worked perfectly!

Really satisfied! Everything looks great! I'm so thankful for your services. I can't wait to use you again soon! When i tried to log in, its shows the page is not working. Can you try to use another internet browser, please? Could you please email it to me? Have a nice day! They said I have to verificate ID instead of letting me do it.

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They just instantly send it back like completly retards. The power of attorney may only be sent by the account holder. The shipment has been shipped after 10 days at our expense back. You can withdraw from the contract and return the item within a period of at least 14 days without giving a reason.

The seller is obliged to return your money. For these reasons, we can not wait longer. Thank you for your understanding. Do I need to confirm my identity? Really fast delivery, great shipping price and the package was handeled good.

Would definetly reccomend and will definetly use ypur service again. Unreasonable requirements like Power of Attorney if parcel not addressed to Mailboxde.

Cause great inconvenience to all parties. Krupenich options strict and bureaucratic.

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Use another mail forwarder if you can help it. In the beginning of the business, we have proceeded quite differently. Similar steps were krupenich options necessary.

Unfortunately, the security situation on the Internet has changed for 10 years. I am bound by the confidentiality of the Postal Law, and I can not answer publicly to your case. But krupenich options so - what krupenich options you do in my place?

Krupenich options happy for any constructive response from any customer. I can offer you a discount on every shipment if we can jointly remove this bureaucracy. German officials are very strict and we are controlled very often by German authorities. Yours faithfully, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.

Will continue to use!! Thank you so much for making my life easier. The krupenich options was top notch, an email arrived as soon as my package was delivered and it was shipped to me within the hour!

The service fees are very accommodating and there's no hidden fees and such. I'm very pleased and I certainly recommend mailboxde. A variety of options to krupenich options the shipments or reduce the costs. Excellent support staff. Package delivered promptly. Thank you very much! Something was weird with a forwarder, Krupenich options post - it took it two full weeks to appear which is way too long and I was worried.

I must thank mailboxde for professional support. Keep up the good job! I think my only suggestion would be to maybe mention that more clearly on more steps. My package was ready at but not knowing the cutoff date I did not check my phone right before the as I was a krupenich options and could only check for new mails every so often. However, its status has not been changed since Monday May 14i.

The same information is available at the web page of the postal service of the country of destination. Is there a way to find out why the shipment is still not sent further? It is unpleasant not having any information about the moves of your shipment.

In many cases shipments arrive with the delay, sometimes are delivered without any detail online about it.

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Unfortunately, I can not check if krupenich options shipment is lost or why it is stuck in a short time. I would need to start the official investigation with the carrier, which has 4 - 8 week to get any outcome. Please, be patient and wait one more week. If you dont have it by the time, let me know and I will start the investigation with the carrier. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.

The package contained a Mobile phone. I already contact support and give all the details they needed. Where is my package? What are you doing about it? We will start a claim. I would like to ask you if you can send me the copy of your order krupenich options your invoice. We will send this amount to your account.

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I apologize to you for the waiting. L Answer: Dear Sir, I did start a claim by the forwarder.

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May I kindly ask you to send me detailed goods description and the invoice? Thank you in advance, Lucie, Mailboxde. Please inform me when are you going to send order number because I am going to go to work to another city on 9th of april.

Waiting for your answer.

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It is my first time to use this type of services and I will repeat. Krabi, I have paid Express service for two shipments and they haven't been shipped yet, both are in Czech Republic.

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Where are my shipments? You now have placed a claim for one of them. Can you place a claim for the other one? Did you ship them incorrectly? Why they haven't been shipped yet? Please take it seriously. How long will it take to receive my shipments? My box krupenich options On their website is this information: Your item will be carried as fast as possible and delivered within the guaranteed delivery time after arrival to the destination country 2 - 3 working days in Mexico.

We will inform you, when we receive more details. It is not fair I paid Express Mail Service and you are shipping economy service. I have checked the tracking as well but I can not see it. Our information will be confirmed by Czech Post info cpost. There is no other economy option for EMS shipments. This was the first time I used this sort of service, and everything went well, thanks again!

On the parcel was my address but in the parcel was wrong shipment - an electrical skuter E-twow — because Krupenich options am waiting used Cassette deck Yamaha k I think mr is waiting krupenich options e-scuter.

And I am waiting used Cassette deck Yamaha k But the mistake is happened. Photos of the wrong shipment I sent on the Mailboxde. Additionally - the link for download it - On the photo 8 and You can see the name and ID who is waiting the e-skuter - ID About my correct shipment.

I think very soon You will receive e-mail about the Cassette deck in the parcel against the e-skuter. Or may be my cassette deck still on the your warehouse.

Sincerely Sergei K. Moscow Russia Answer: Dear Sergei, We will inform you via e-mail, some parts of the message have been hidden for privacy. We apologize to you for this problem. Thank you for your feedback.

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I would like to make a Consignment complaint, a complaint of delivery of an international shipment.