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On the other hand, hypothetically it would be possible to hold the contest in up to 38 days if we consider the sum of the minimum deadlines obtained in each of the subphases.

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It should be noted that Decree No. In sub-phase 2. Source: Elaborated by the authors. Therefore, according to the Pareto diagram, it is necessary to concentrate efforts on these four subphases in order to solve the causes that influence in the lack of celerity of the electronic trading floors. In the next subsections of this article, we will analyze the factors that cause the lack of celerity in the main subphases identified in the Pareto Diagram, relating them to the four public service and trading of analysis, adapted to the organization being studied.

The lack of elevation of the hierarchical status of public service and trading sector impairs the allocation of financial and, mainly, human resources and indirectly influences the existence of preponderant factors for the lack of celerity of the trading sessions.

The participation of a specialist on the side of the broker would promote greater speed in this phase of the process, due to the knowledge that the requester has about the product being negotiated.

As for the composition of the purchasing process, subphase 1. Therefore, it is concluded that operational failures and the lack of integration between the purchasing sector and the requesting sectors affect the speed of subphase 1. On the other hand, the lack of integration between the requestors and the criers affects the speed of subphase 2.

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Since they do not focus exclusively on the execution of their trading sessions, they tend to be less rapid. All criers interviewed reported that the role of buyer turns out to be a secondary function and that they worry, as a matter of priority, with their management activities that are much more extensive and complex than those related to the execution of the trading session.

Finally, all of them concluded that the accumulation of functions occurs due to the shortage of qualified personnel that ends up harming the speed of subphases 1.

public service and trading

It was also certified that there is a lack of investment in the training of professionals in the purchasing sector and also in the criers.

The human variable is not very relevant in the current context and the knowledge accumulated in the last decades in the fields of Logistics, Supply Chain Public service and trading and Purchasing is practically unknown at the federal scope.

According to the statements, Bant does not have a policy of investments in its human resources linked to the purchasing department, so that there are interviewees who work in the sector, who develops the composition phase of the PAG, for example, and who have never done any type of course in the purchase area.

In sum, it is possible to conclude that the scarce investment in qualification of the professionals involved in the purchases is one of the factors that predominantly influence the execution of the subphases 1.

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In addition, all the criers were unanimous in affirming that the excess and rigidity of the norms are also factors that provoke the delay in the analysis of the edicts and in the consequent emission of the opinion made by the CJU-RN.

Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the excess and rigidity of the norms are factors that directly affect the speed of subphases 1. Another relevant aspect that contributes to the lack of speed of the processes is related to the quantity of items tendered.

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So, for example, our building material auction has about items and then my graduate will have to type one by one these items in the system and then do a review to check if there was no typing error. Therefore, it is concluded that the number of items in the trading sessions predominantly influences the speed of subprojects 1.

public service and trading

Thus, the absence of an integrated internal system is one of the causes of the delay in the subphase 1. You have to tailor your request to the specifications available in the system. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that faults in the Comprasnet database hamper the speed of the process in subphase 1.

In view of the analyzes carried out based on the theoretical framework adopted, it is possible to draw up a cause-and-effect diagram, according to figure 3which allows a quick visualization of the factors that influence, mainly, the execution of the subphases of the electronic auction in Bant as per the principle of celerity.

Final considerations In general, with the advent of electronic trading, there has been a greater speed of public procurement processes, but only in relation to the external phase of the processes. The electronic procurement process as a whole is still recognized as a public service and trading and time-consuming process due to several factors. With a focus on the study of the four dimensions adopted in the theoretical framework, it was possible to identify strategic elements of the purchasing function that can be applied to public management.

In order to make these new factors known, in addition to the contribution of the adopted framework, it was fundamental to opt for the analysis of the process by subphases, a procedure public service and trading by the literature, which allowed to establish a greater focus on each of the main steps of the process.

History[ edit ] In Marchthe executive of the German Union of Municipal and State Workersbased in Berlinissued a call to "workers employed in municipal and state undertakings, in power stations, in gas and waterworks, in all countries" to attend an international conference in August,in Stuttgart. This grew rapidly, and by represented more thanworkers, enabling a part-time salary to be paid to the secretary, based in Berlin.

Thus, these new factors, perhaps already existing, could be camouflaged in other studies on the speed of processes, and in turn, subphase analysis allowed them to surface.

Moreover, this type of analysis also provided a greater consistency in confirming the factors that contribute to the lack of celerity of public purchases. Finally, it is concluded that the search for minimization, or even elimination, of the factors that undermine the scope of the principle of celerity must be sought by the administrative body of the federal public agencies, as well as in Bant, enabling organizations to fulfill their mission with excellence.

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To the best of our knowledge, there are no other papers that discuss the meaning of this important exclusion in any detail.

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