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Countries on top of the list invest more in their internet infrastructure.

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The Philippines fast internet investment spend P6 billion next year, he said. Meanwhile, Vietnam has around 80, communication towers, almost quadruple the Philippines' 23, towers, Cordoba added. The countries ahead of us, their governments spend much for their infrastructure network.

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The Department of Information and Communications Technology will adopt this "global best practice," he said. Watch more in iWantTFC The Philippines has "a very challenging" topography, which requires "a hybrid of government and private sector investment to be able to really bring about fiber [internet connection]," said Globe president and CEO Ernest Cu. Kahit magsama ho kami, talagang mahihirapan.

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But you know, the effort is continuing," he said. It cannot take a private initiative only, with only the 2 of us building that.

Even if we join forces, it will be really difficult.

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If you are not ready to improve, I might just fast internet investment well close all of you and we revert back to the line telephone at kukunin ko yan I will take that expropriate ko sa gobyerno to the government ," Duterte said in his 5th State of the Nation Address.