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Let us consider the basic markets — currency, forward and stock — in more detail.

Options Trading: Understanding Option Prices

Currency market of the Moscow Exchange. You can find a more detailed information on the web site of the Exchange. Parameters of the currency market: Trading time: — Withdrawal of funds. Restrictions and charges. A minimum lot is units. Exchange commissions, broker commissions, which depend on turnover and additional commission for trades of up to 50 lots.

Moscow Exchange

Credit leverage. Brokers provide a credit leverage of up to for extra payment when trades are postponed to the next day. The Moscow Exchange — the stock market As such, it could be divided into two major sections: the stock and stock shares market. Stocks of Russian and foreign companies and investment shares are traded here.

Settlements and delivery on municipal and corporate bonds take place immediately — this mode is called T0. Partial depositing takes place at Moscow Exchange options moment of trade execution and the major part of the payment is written off on the second day. Brokers make a decision about the size of credit leverage for various securities. Restrictions earnings for dollars internet charges: exchange commissions, Moscow Exchange options commissions, which depend on turnover, depository charges and payment for marginal lending.

Brokers provide credit leverage for extra payment. The average daily trading volume was USD 2 billion in September These financial instruments are connected with underlying assets, among which: RTS index, MICEX index, Russian volatility index, sector indices, stock, federal loan bonds, foreign currency, three-month MosPrime interest rate and commodities oil, gold, etc.

Using own funds one can buy times more contracts without loans. Detailed information about the forward market is on the web site of the exchange.

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As a comparison, this is the GDP of Barbados for the year The forward market is traded from to The Moscow Exchange stock market works less.

It opens at and closes at The opening auction works from to and the opening price of stock is determined in this auction. The opening auction emerged on June 1,for reducing price manipulations and increase of efficient operation of the Exchange.

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Market and limit orders are collected Moscow Exchange options these 10 minutes and their effective price is calculated. The opening auction works for all stock, investment shares and FLB. The closing auction is carried out for all stock, investment shares, Eurobonds and FLB from until A representative closing price is determined during the auction.

The representative closing price is formed by a special algorithm of the Moscow Exchange. The algorithm excludes artificial overpricing or underpricing through filing a major order at the last minute. Crude Oil futures contract on oil with the average daily turnover for October being 1.

Moscow Exchange options business plan for creating a dealing center

If compared with the forward market of the Moscow Exchange, CME has the following specific features: high cost of contracts. Risks are higher. Traders need more money to start trading. But not many brokers Moscow Exchange options work with Russian traders. In Russia and throughout the post-Soviet space this concept is strongly associated with speculative currency trading with the use of credit leverage through banks or dealing centers.

Moscow Exchange options is a contract for a difference between the current and future price of the underlying asset. Underlying assets are currencies, indices, metals, interest rates, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

A trader every time trades against a company and not against another trader.

Equity derivatives

There is no information about the volume and open interest, since it is not a centralized exchange. Many dishonest brokers. Information about currency trading is provided to many people, but the quality of this information is not objective.

More often, it emphasizes advantages of the company, which advertises itself.

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Most probably, your broker would offer you such a software as QUIK for conducting transactions. This software is rather inconvenient for trading and its interface is outdated.

That is why traders on the Moscow Exchange prefer to trade using special trading and analytical platforms, which give a wide selection of instruments for analysis and convenient interface. ATAS is such a platform.

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The ATAS trading and analytical platform has: 68 indicators; 25 variants of footprint display; 15 variants of adjustable charts. What do we need all this for?

Moscow Exchange options internet earnings without deposit

We chose two indicators, which are not available in Quik, MT and other platforms, to give you a practical answer to this question: OI Analyzer Big Trades Let us consider in detail how these unique instruments, which use real data from the Moscow Exchange, help to understand the market and make a correct trading decision.

Open Interest is a general number of open unsold short and long contract positions that all participants of Moscow Exchange options have. OI works only for futures and is broadcast online Moscow Exchange options by the Moscow Exchange.

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Why OI works for futures only? Stock, bonds and shares are issued in a certain quantity at issuance.

  • The marketplace is the main trading venue for Russian stocks as well as government, municipal, and corporate bonds.
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This quantity is Moscow Exchange options changed without additional issuance. A number of open, unfulfilled futures contracts changes day by day.

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An open contract or inflow of new money to the forward market emerges at the moment of a transaction between a new buyer and new seller.