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Writer For some people, a side job is a second job they do for a few hours every week to help make ends meet. For others, it's a job they only do occasionally to be able to afford large purchases, perhaps a new appliance or a vacation. But with millions of Americans struggling financially due to the coronavirus pandemicmany people may increasingly turn to side jobs — sometimes referred to as side gigs or freelance jobs — as a primary way to make money.

FlexJobs recently combed through its current job postings to identify which side jobs are offering the best opportunities now.

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The positions range from tutoring and teaching to administrative work and accounting. Clicking on the job titles in the list below, which is based on FlexJobs research, will take you to the page of currently available job postings for that position, either on FlexJobs or the AARP Job Board.

Note that job openings on FlexJobs can be viewed for free, but a paid membership is required to apply.

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The average hourly wage for each position in this list was calculated by PayScale. According to the U.

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Most of the necessary training is provided by the employer and, in many cases, employees can work from home. Why not?

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Proofreading positions often specifically are for helping with translating text from one language to another. If you're fluent in a foreign language, this could be the perfect side gig for you. Are you looking for your next job?

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Companies also sometimes hire transcriptionists part-time to help put captions on the videos they create for the internet. Your skills might be particularly valuable this fall, as families and schools navigate the challenges of learning during a pandemic, when not all students may be able to be on campus five days a week.

Job responsibilities will vary, but you should be comfortable using software such as Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and QuickBooks, for example.

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Most employers also will want candidates who have at least one or two years of experience. Perhaps the most in-demand field for freelance consultants is information technology specialists. But the July job postings on FlexJobs showed companies also seeking consultants in fields such as education and nursing.

Previous editing experience is required in most cases, but almost all of these positions can be done while working from home. These assistants manage schedules, answer phone calls and emails, help with basic accounting tasks, and fill other duties to help executives manage their teams.


If so, freelance positions in this field could be a good fit for you. Most employers will want you to be able to produce graphics, illustrations and other content for print products, websites and videos.

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Where a physical trainer might focus primarily on what you do in your workout, a health coach also offers guidance on better nutrition and behavior changes. Many of these jobs require a bachelor's degree in a health-related field along with some experience. If you're fluent in a second language — no matter how uncommon its use is in the United States — you could land a side job in this field.

One particularly in-demand field for interpreters: American Sign Language. You should have strong sales skills and experience.

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These jobs also require workers to be comfortable cold-calling prospects as well as able how can you quickly make money on binary options nurture business relationships.

You don't need a college degree I am looking for additional income not the Internet work in this field, but you will need some training and — in some cases — a certification.

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It is an in-demand field, with jobs projected to grow by As education moves online, there will be increased need for instructors who can teach courses in English as a Second Language. Most of these jobs require candidates to have a bachelor's degree and some teaching experience.

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If you have some experience working as a professional photographer, several companies are offering I am looking for additional income not the Internet contract positions that will let you make use of your talents. Many of these roles also cannot be done remotely.

If you have the right skills and experience, these positions offer the fulfillment of helping a team of professionals complete a large project, such as launching a new product or upgrading information technology systems. Companies then use that information to determine which products to make, how much they should cost, and how they should be marketed.

Make extra money in your free time. Here's how we make money. I thought it was time I address the flip side of your finances: ways to make extra money. More than ever, earning extra income can be the way to meet your financial goals.

Almost all of these positions can be done remotely.