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Role of a Union Representative Members of the U. House of Representatives are in the unusual position of having a vital say in their salaries.

Congressional Salaries and Allowances: In Brief

Representatives, by law, receive a cost-of-living raise each year, but they have the option of voting to decline the raises as a group. The last time Congress took the increase wasthe Congressional Research Service reports.

This creates the impression that Members of Congress are voting themselves pay raises willy-nilly, which is laughable, since congressional pay has not been increased for the last ten years.

The cost-of-living adjustment is based on a formula that how much do the house earn 2 into account wages in the private sector. Representatives' Salary The salary for most members of the U.

First, the report briefly summarizes the current salary of Members of Congress; limits or prohibitions on their outside earned income, honoraria, and tax deductions; options for life and health insurance; and retirement benefits. Second, the report provides information on allowances available to Representatives and Senators to support them in their official and representational duties. These allowances cover official office expenses, including staff, mail, travel between a Member's district or state and Washington, DC, equipment, and other goods and services. Although the House and Senate allowances are structured differently, both are determined by formulas based on variables from the district or state i.

This annual wage is the same for members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Salaries are higher for those in leadership roles. Outside Income Representatives may not have an outside earned income that is more than 15 percent of their basic pay.

The raise takes effect automatically on January 1 of each year unless Congress, through the passage of a joint resolution, votes to decline it, as Congress has done since Well, that's also a myth. Social Security Prior toneither Members of Congress nor any other federal civil service employee paid Social Security taxes. Of course, they were also not eligible to receive Social Security benefits.

Outside earned income includes any compensation for personal services that the representative has done. In addition, Representatives are limited in the ways that they can earn outside income. For instance, they cannot be employed with any entity nor can they lend their names to an entity, such as through an endorsement. They also cannot serve on any boards of directors.

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They can teach, but only if they receive permission from the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. Finally, they cannot accept honoraria. Health Benefits Members of the U. House of Representatives must purchase health care from the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange.

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They have a choice of 57 gold plans from four insurers, and the government pays approximately 75 percent of the premium. The representatives pay the remainder, but they are not eligible for federal tax credits that decrease the amount paid. House of Representatives can acquire life insurance through the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program, the amount of cover for which is determined by a formula based on the cover chosen.

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Representatives also can acquire three forms of optional coverage. In addition, House members have access to retirement programs through the Federal Employees Retirement System. These include the Basic Benefit Plan, which leads to monthly annuities payments upon retirement, and the Thrift Savings Plan, which is an investment account similar to k plan.

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Participants contribute to both plans and receive contributions from the federal government. Members also participate in the Social Security system.

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