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This compiler generates event-driven imperative e. As of this writing, I've been working on it for about two weeks, so it has plenty of rough edges, and only a subset of LOTOS is supported. The compiler is written entirely in Haskell, using packages from Hackage including unbound and Parsec. See lotos.

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This project was inspired by the Termite language for synthesizing device drivers from high-level specifications; you can read the high-level overviewthe SOSP'09 paper, or the PhD thesis, depending on how deep you'd like to dive. More recently, folks at Intel Labs joined the Termite project inmost recently publishing a report in the December issue of Intel Technology Journal. Compared to LOTOS, Termite: only supports data types that look like C structs with bitfields, uses syntax lotos trade binary options C function calls for gates, requires annotating lotos trade binary options that must be reached as input for Termite's liveness analysis, removes the local variable features in favor of global variables, and describes variable updates by constraining the relationships between variables.

Making the syntax more C-like seems reasonable considering that the audience for this tool is intended to be device driver developers who can be expected to be familiar with C but not with LOTOS.

To my eye though, it makes the syntax more verbose than necessary. I suspect the compiler can and should infer some of the information that both LOTOS and Termite require the user to explicitly specify, to make using the language more practical for people who just want a working device driver.

More problematic, in my opinion, are the other differences. Expressing program state as price action trading robot on lotos trade binary options variables forces the use of SMT solvers in order to generate code at all.

I hope to use SMT solvers for advanced optimization in this project, but I lotos trade binary options currently think they should be necessary for making things work in the common case.

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It also requires all globals to have a known initial state, even when they aren't meaningful at initialization, which makes the specification unnecessarily verbose. Further, relying exclusively on global variables prevents dynamic allocation. So if you want to support having up to five requests in flight at a time, you have to make five copies of all the source code and variables related to those requests.

And if you want an unbounded number of requests in flight, that's just too bad.

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LOTOS supports perfectly reasonable locally-scoped variables, and static analysis to determine the lifetime of those variables is a textbook piece of compiler technology. Finally, Termite's global state-space view means the compiler has to operate on a large finite-state-machine for each specification, then produce a much larger state machine that multiplies the OS and device specifications together, and finally search for a valid driver strategy in that giant product state machine.

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The Termite PhD thesis reports that of the two device drivers on which they tested this methodology, one took two minutes of computation to synthesize, while the other took four hours.

No doubt there are many optimizations to be applied to the implementation, but it's probably always going to do an amount of work that's exponential in the size of the input. I say that both because it's search-based, which is typically exponential, and because I think the state machine representation is worst-case exponential in lotos trade binary options size of the input.

Approach in this work My hypothesis not yet proven!

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By operating on the high-level LOTOS specification instead option calculation formulas dropping down to a state machine representation, we retain high-level structure that's useful for optimization.

This may still require search, but over a smaller space, and so far I've been able to do everything using efficient and deterministic rewrite rules.

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By allowing local variables, we can handle use cases that need dynamic allocation. Also, programmers don't have to spend effort identifying all their intermediate variables and lifting them to global scope. Constructing combined specifications It's worth noting that the way Termite combines a device spec with an OS spec is exactly analogous to LOTOS' parallel synchronization operator, lotos trade binary options That operator runs two processes with arbitrary interleaving, except that if one process wants to pass through a gate that's in the synchronization set, it has to wait for the other process to become ready for that same gate as well, and at that point they may exchange data.

So as a first step, we can take two or more specifications and combine them in a trivial LOTOS wrapper that invokes each specification in parallel. However, the parallel synchronization operator [ So the key idea in this project is to apply rewrite rules to replace parallel synchronization with other operators, anywhere that doing so preserves the semantics of the language.

I also apply a variety of lotos trade binary options simplifications, both to reduce the complexity of the final generated code, and because they may expose more opportunities to rewrite away parallel synchronization. Resolving ambiguity and blocking There is one additional piece of information that we need, though, not included in a LOTOS specification, which is the list of gates lotos trade binary options require us to wait for something external.

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In different places in the code I call them either "blocking" or, in reference to supervisory control theory for discrete event systems, "uncontrolled". These gates are translated differently during code generation, as they need to capture a continuation and set up a callback.

The blocking gates are also used to make the specifications easier to write. Imagine: Your OS specification says that the OS will request that a specified packet should be sent, after which a "packet send" class event should occur for that packet.

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Your device spec, being written from the hardware's point of view, says that once its registers have been programmed to transmit a specified packet, a "packet send" class event will occur for that packet. Lotos trade binary options synchronize on the "packet send" class event, but these specifications don't indicate whether the OS request or the register programming should happen first. So when given a choice, we pick the uncontrolled gate the OS request because if we did the register programming first, we can't be sure the OS request will ever come.

Also, in this example, doing it the other way requires anti-causal data flow, which would make the translation, er, tricky.

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At the moment, the list of uncontrolled gates is provided as an external parameter to the compiler. I suspect in the future, the compiler could parse C header files for the library routines which the generated code is expected to call, and identify as uncontrolled any routines which take a callback.

Parsing the headers should also allow all types to be inferred, instead of requiring developers to specify them redundantly in LOTOS. Future directions If this project goes well, there are several directions worth exploring further.

Specifying register access One of the most tedious aspects of writing device drivers is dealing with hardware registers.

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Registers are often memory-mapped, but they don't behave like memory: individual bits have different semantics, which may include such traits as being read-only, being write-only, or triggering an action if you write one value but being a no-op if you write another. In addition, register reads and writes have to cross some bus to reach the hardware. Doing this by hand in C means that driver writers can't create any reasonable abstractions for register access and typically have how to make money trump hand-code a pile of bitwise operators at every register access.

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Lotos trade binary options specifications from existing drivers In order to seriously evaluate driver synthesis, we need a large sample of drivers expressed as LOTOS specifications.

Some people enjoy writing drivers, but anyone would be dismayed at the prospect of getting 1, drivers correct in rapid succession.

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While these drivers have bugs, they usually reflect how the hardware really behaves more accurately than any data sheet. The same goes for the huge collection of usually closed-source Windows drivers in existence.

Support for semi-automated or even fully automated extraction of specifications from existing drivers would be very helpful to practical deployment of a driver synthesis tool. To that end, tools like RevNIC.