Trading system trend, How to Build A Trend Following System That Works

Entries In my opinion, real trend-following traders have to be psychologically very strong.

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And because of that, they have to take every single trade… If they miss just one trade, it may mean that they would have missed out on the one trade that would have recovered all their small losses and become profitable. However, prop traders have the pressure to be profitable every month, whereas trend-following traders can have losing months and even years, but are profitable in the long run.

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Alright, so now that you have established a way to identify trends in the market, you need to decide on your entry rules. When using a trend following system in an uptrend, there really are only two ways to get into a trade: Buying a Breakout Buying a Pullback You can either exclusively choose to enter based on one of them, or you can choose to enter based on both of them.

The turtle trading system purely focuses on entering trades on a breakout when the market hits a new X day high or low i. A bullish candlestick pattern formed on a higher low. Options collapsed bullish candlestick pattern formed on a support level.

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A break above the previous swing high. A break above the Donchian Channel indicator.

For instance, when the price trend goes up, you would buy a particular asset, and when it goes down, you would sell the asset. Rather, it is merely jumping on a trend and riding it out. The trend-following strategy partially contributes to the tendency for a financial market price to fluctuate continuously in one direction for a certain period of time as investors are encouraged by others to buy or sell in waves.

A bearish candlestick pattern forming on a lower high. A bearish candlestick pattern forming on a resistance level.

Core Trend Following Rules

A break below the previous swing low. A break below the Donchian Channel indicator.

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A bearish chart pattern formed. Exits Most new traders focus on entries. But finding an entry trading system trend actually the least significant element of your trend following system.

Realistically most people with a full time job are not able to focus on managing their trades every day, so a trend trading system which involves a small amount of maintenance once each day may be just what you need. You are free to select trading signals that suit your beliefs and objectives and also fit with the style of trading system that you are trying to develop. Setup: The setup sets the conditions under which we will consider taking a trade.

What determines whether you make money or not comes down to where and how you exit. And determining the optimal exit for your trading system is no easy task.

Keep It Simple and Trade With the Trend

You can have good entries but still not make money. Conversely, you can have bad entries but your system is profitable in trading system trend long run. And when it comes to defining your exit for your trend following system, there are 2 types of exits: How you protect your losses How you take profits In my opinion, placing a Stop Loss is far easier than where you Take Profit.

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But there are many different ways you can place your Stop Loss. And because of this, trend-following traders do not place a Take Profit level, but a Trailing Stop Loss to let the market take them out of a trade. However, with that said, there are times where you might want to have a Take Profit level.

Trend Following System Components

For example, if you that there will be a piece of high-impact news about to come out later in the day, you might want to get out a part of your position at the nearest support or resistance level. Or when there is a key support or resistance level and you want to take a part of your position off the table to secure your profits.

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A fixed R-Multiple i. And it can mean the difference in a losing trading system and trading system trend winning one.

Trading System Rules – Following the Trend

Risk Management Risk management is the one thing that traders tend to neglect or totally avoid. However, losses are an inevitable part of trading. So when the loss comes, you have to ensure that no one single trade can wipe out your entire trading account.

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I remember years ago when on the very first day I joined a prop firm, one of the senior traders got fired on the spot. Why are you not out of your position yet!? He had been there for 2 years and in just one trade, he got fired.

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The boss then had to sit in his seat and exited his positions for him. Apparently, this senior trader was in a trade where the market just went against him very badly.

The minor tweaks may have positive results but the effect is usually very minor. If you spend too much time looking at minor variations of entry rules you risk missing the important parts. The truth is that most trend following system rules do the same thing. They show highly similar results simply because they attempt to achieve the same thing. By all means, play around with the detailed rules.