How woodman makes money, Supermarket retailer sold on service and profits

Nick Woodman, the surfer turned billionaire, is about to become the highest paid executive in America.

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That makes Woodman the No. Technically, Woodman hasn't received all of the stock awards yet.

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He got them "on paper" in earlybut they are paid out monthly over the span of several years, according to filings.

They quickly shot through the roof and nearly climbed into triple-digit territory before coming back to Earth. Most of Woodman's wealth is tied up in the company's stock.

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Restricted stock units, or RSUs, are a common form of compensation that employees can't sell until after they vest and certain other conditions are how woodman makes money. Unlike options, RSUs can be exercised at any price once they vest.

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GoPro shares move up and down a lot in value, so calculating Woodman's exact wealth is more of an art than a science. Bloomberg tabulates the stock value at the end of However, Pachter explained that the stock awards Woodman received were just a way to compensate him for his contributions in recent years.

Going forward, Woodman will likely receive a salary of several million dollars, but nothing like his compensation.

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It's also key to note that due to his big stake in the company, his wealth goes up when the stock goes up.