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This is your opportunity to ask for advice on your career and job searchand your chance to get face-to-face with someone who might be able to give you a job, or at the very least, connect you to someone who can. What is their success journey? And what advice do they have for you?

How To Find a Job?

If they ask you for a resume, then by all means share it with them. You may also have to lower your expectations to have access to more jobs.

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For example, while in an optimal job market you would vie for mid-level managerial roles, now you may have to pursue non-management roles. We can also match you to a company that shares your values. Get matched.

Need to Make Some Extra Money? By John RamptonEntrepreneur and investor johnrampton Getty Images Are you ready to finally start earning more money this year?

How make money while you look for a job Most of us will need a little cash flow while we look for our next gig. Here are a few ways you can still earn money while you look for a job. Take part-time work If you normally work full-time but need to keep money coming in while you look for another full-time position, try a part-time gig.

Now more than ever before, you can create the future you want. It just takes a little creativity and outside-the-box thinking to find an opportunity that works for you. These are some of the best options, but you can see a more complete list of online part-time jobs here.

Taking on some part-time hours can help you design a schedule that lets you take interviews while you keep the cash flowing. States determine who qualifies to collect unemployment benefits, for long, and for how much.

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Take on freelance work Sites like Fiverr and Upwork can help you find freelance projects for anything from writing and design to translation, voiceover work, programming, marketing, business and financial consulting, data entry, research, sound mixing, relationship advice, and more.

Basically, anything you can think of, someone is likely willing to pay you for it.

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A little different from freelance, consultants typically work on longer-term projects and often get paid a little more. You might even reach out to former employers or clients who know you well and may have contract work for you. Who knows, that consulting work might even lead to a full-time job.

Short on Cash? These Flexible Gigs Will Boost Your Income

Try temp-to-hire work Temp agencies can connect you to day labor, longer-term temporary jobs, and even temp jobs that can lead to full-time work. Is temp-to-hire legit? It certainly can be.

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Try out gig work Read more: How to Find a Job You Love No, Really About our source Mirela Borsan is a certified professional career coach through the Find a job quick money Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches and she partners with her clients to guide find a job quick money to launch their career, transition to another career, and win the job interview.

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