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State Are you a day trader? A leg is a single position taken in trading. Say if you buy shares of a company then that is your 1st leg.

Now when you sell the shares it is your 2nd leg.

A multi-leg options order is a type of order used to simultaneously buy and sell options with more than one strike price, expiration date, or sensitivity to the underlying asset's price. Basically leg option multi-leg options order refers to any trade that involves two or more options. Multi-leg options orders are generally used to capture profits when pricing volatility is expected but direction is unclear. Understanding Multi-Leg Options Orders A multi-leg options order is used to enter complex strategies instead of using individual orders for each option involved.

Say if you buy shares of a company then that's your leg option leg. Now when you sell the shares later it is your 2nd leg.

Leg in Trading - Meaning, Definition With Examples

In advanced trading strategies, in Futures and Optionsmulti-leg orders are used. In such orders, 2, 3, and 4 legs are executed as part of a single strategy. First Leg in Trading 1st leg 1st leg in trading means taking a single position, either Buy or Sell, of an instrument. In this strategy, a single position of buying a Call Options contract is taken.

Updated Apr 26, What Is a Leg? A leg is one component of a derivatives trading strategy in which a trader combines multiple options contracts, futures contracts or—in rare cases—combinations of both to hedge a position, benefit from arbitrage or profit from a spread. Within these strategies, each derivative contract or position in the underlying security is called a leg. The cash leg option exchanged in a swap are also referred to as legs.

This position is suitable for a trader who is bullish and expects the market to rise. Read more on Long Call Options Strategy. In this strategy, a trader is very Bearish in his market view and expects the price investing in bitcoin without the underlying asset to go down in the near future.

One-Leg Plays

Read more on Short Call Options Strategy. Long Put This strategy is opposite to the Long Call strategy discussed above. It involves buying a Put Options contract and is used in bearish market conditions.

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Read more on Long Put Options Strategy here. Short Put A short put is a bullish trading strategy and involves a single-leg position of selling a Put Options contract. Read more on Short Put Options Strategy here.

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It involves buying call and a put option contracts of the same underlying asset, at the same strike price and of the same expire date. The strategy is used in highly volatile market conditions. Read more on Long Straddle Options Strategy here. Short Straddle It is another good two-leg trading example. The trading involves selling call and a put option contracts of the same underlying asset, at the same strike price and of the same expire date.

The strategy is used in leg option or low volatile market conditions. Read more on Short Straddle Options Strategy here.

Multi-leg options strategies

Multi-leg Order Trading Multi-leg orders are used in executing complex strategies in Futures and Options leg option. Multi-leg orders are complex as they involve taking multiple positions and are used by experienced traders. Multi-leg order Definition and Example A multi-leg order is a combination of buy and sell orders. Let's understand it by taking an example of Options contracts. In all these strategies you take more than 2 positions in the market.

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Multi-leg orders are used to: Minimize risks as higher risk in one trade is negated by lower risk in other trade. Minimize losses as losses in one trade are negated by gains leg option other trade.

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As a hedging tool. To optimize profits from a given market situation.

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Multi-leg Order Examples Butterfly and Condor are some of the examples of a multi-leg order. Long Call Butterfly It is a neutral trading strategy and used when very low volatility in the price of underlying is expected.

It is a combination of bull Spread and bear Spread.

Leg in Options Trading

The strike prices of all the contracts should be at an equal distance from the current price. For example, let's assume that the Nifty is currently trading at You expect very little volatility in it and wish to execute a Long Call Butterfly strategy.

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Learn Long Call Butterfly strategy in detail. The strategy is similar leg option a long butterfly strategy.

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You can execute a long condor strategy by buying Call Options contracts at 35 and 55 and selling Call Options contracts at 40 and Answered on Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is a 1 leg trade?

Multi-Leg Options Order

A leg is one part of a multi-leg trade. A 1 leg or one-leg trade involves taking a single position in the market. It is one of the basic strategies used in trading. You can learn about these strategies and other options strategies in detail here. What is a 2 leg trade?

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A 2 leg option two-leg trade involves taking 2 positions in the market. Long Leg option and Short Straddle are good 2 leg trade examples. What is a multi-leg order in trading? A multi-leg order involves taking multiple positions in a trade. These are advanced trading strategies used in derivatives trading. Long Call Butterfly and Long Condor are good multi-leg examples in trading.