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Turn Your Crafts Into Income

Easy things to make and sell for money: 1. We all love to treat ourselves with a relaxing bath.

You can start making bath bombs for yourself, then treat your friends. If you really enjoy the process of bath bombs making, you can start selling them online to make some extra money.

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The process of bath bombs is very easy. Start with simple and natural ingredients, add oils, flowers, and even a secret surprise inside the bomb.

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Read more on how to create bath bombs here. Body scrubs We live during the times when people more and more often pay attention to ingredient lists and choose what is best for their health and bodies.

When it comes to cosmetics, handmade items are in favor.

Passionfruit This is a maker business for the non-maker. If you want to increase the handmade factor, consider learning the art of screen printing and purchasing equipment to print your designs at home. Gyms, musicians, and charities, for example, can sell branded swag to current audiences and help to build their brands.

To start something simple yet easy to sell, opt-out for handmade body scrubs. Homemade scrubs are easy and fun to make with all the natural ingredients and scents you can add to create a unique product. Soap Handmade soap can bring bath time to the next level. There is so much space for imagination and creativity. Handmade soaps go in different shapes, flavors, colors.

Can You Make Money From Selling Crafts?

Jewelry bracelets and necklaces I personally know a girl who used to be a bookkeeper and had a hobby of jewelry making. She liked it so much so that she became very good at it, started to sell her products, and how she is a well-renowned jeweler who quit her job.

The opportunities for creating hand made how you can make money are endless — starting from easy to make bracelets to high-profile rings and earrings. Here is another inspirational story about what used to be a side hustle and now is a jewelry enterprise.

Candles Not so while ago, I found out that commercial candles may contain harmful ingredients. So here is another great craft idea for people to love to create cozy vibes and care about health: make homemade candles.

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Check this tutorial to get an idea of the whole process and read more on how to make candles into a business here. Acrylic paintings Did you know that you can make and sell online paintings, as shown above? There are tons of technics to acryl crafts, but in my experience, the pour-over technic looks very chic.

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With this technic, you can create abstract painting even without a lot of skills. Check this video to see yourself how easy it is to create abstract acryl paintings. Posters Among other high-profit things to make and sell online are posters.

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Create posters to decorate your walls and share them with the big world outside your apartment. Creating a poster hand made how you can make money take as little as a couple of minutes to hours if you let your creativity guide you.

2. T-shirts and printed merchandise

Create custom prints and posters with Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt is a global platform for creating personalized clothing and accessories and a marketplace to sell them.

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More on how to start with Spreadshirt is here. T-shirts and sweatshirts Making t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing with fun prints and logos are easy things to make and sell for money from home.

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Thanks to Spreadshirtthere is no need to make a bulk purchase of t-shirts to create custom clothing. You can create an online shop, download designs, and Spreadshirt will match them for your customers, print, and send without involving you in the process. All you need to do is to create fun designs and let Spreadshirt do all the commercial work for you.

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Tote bags Tote bags are a very modern craft that is easy to make and sell online. Especially after we already found out a Spreadshitsan excellent resource for making custom items without money investment.