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Additional indicator, such as Stochastic, will give information about relative oversold and overbought zones.

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Learn how to use these levels for your profit. JOIN US Fibonacci Strategy Outline Presented strategy is suitable for fibonacci levels binary options video and advanced traders, since it requires some knowledge of price action to be able to produce consistent winning results.

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Strategy it is built for currencies trading Forex and can be applied to any currency pair and any timeframe. The analysis is done manually with aid of some indicators, but mainly uses Fibonacci extension and retracement levels and trendlines in combination with oscillators such as Stochastic.

Fibonacci is an excellent indicator for predicting future support and resistance levels based on Fibonacci levels. Learn how to draw and use Fibonacci extensions and retracements levels. Trends are measured on the chart from right to left, no matter if the asset is trending up or down. Fibonacci works best if applied in trending markets. If the market continues trending in the direction of the measured trend, the future resistance points can be expected at and ,8 Fibonacci extension levels, and if the market reverses, the most valid support levels can be found at 61,8 and 50 Fibonacci retracement levels.

The main highlight of this strategy is that it can be used in any type of market and a trader can always find good trade entry positions. Binary Options Strategy with Fibonacci, Trend Lines and Stochastic This trading strategy offers a lot of flexibility and personalized approach, since each trader would use Fibonacci tool to measure different trends, but no matter which trend is measured the Fibonacci levels will always act as support and resistance levels.

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Using the absolute Fibonacci support and resistance levels of 50, and Medium or strong trading market is perfect for this type of trading, especially if Fibonacci extension levels are traded and ,8 or even ,8. However if the market is in a range, any fibonacci levels binary options video Fibonacci retracement levels can be traded as well Additional confirmation can be done with trendlines and pullbacks are traded only when a candle crosses and closes above or below the trendline.

Entry is made in the direction against the market trend reversal or pullback. On the Fibonacci level a reversal is usually shorter 5 minutesbut if the price breaks the level The trade should be placed only after the price breaks our traded Fibonacci level and the full candle closes above or below our traded level.

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If at the same time the price is crossing some of trend line support and resistance levels, this gives additional confirmation about possible reversal. A bit of practice is required to recognize some price patterns to be able to find most profitable trades.

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However, as explained before, mastering this type of trading will allow the trader to trade in any market.