Zva options

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The ZVT8 contains up to four internal Zva options and up to 16 receivers. The ZVT20 includes up to three internal generators and up to 12 receivers. This unique concept with one generator per two test ports makes the ZVT ideal for intermodulation measurements, even on mixers, true differential balanced measurements, multireceiver measurements with antennas or high throughput and efficiency in production.

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Plus, it offers a larger number of ports, i. The instrument offers excellent network analyzer characteristics and comprehensive measurement capabilities for two- to eight-port applications, irrespective of the number of test Zva options - Extremely fast and accurate measurements on multiport DUTs - No delay caused Zva options switch matrix control - Greater stability, reproducibility, and flexibility - Measurements on balanced DUTs - Virtual differential measurement mode sequential stimulation of single-ended ports, standard mode - True differential measurement mode: With eight test ports four internal sourcesup to four true differential signals can be generated and applied to the DUT ports simultaneously - Unique performance for measurements on amplifiers, mixers, receivers, frontends, etc.