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With the recent phishing attack and loss of user funds via the LocalBitcoins forum, many P2P traders are looking for alternatives to LocalBitcoins to ensure they can continue to buy, sell and store their Bitcoin safe and securely.

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There are now many alternatives to LocalBitcoins that are starting to make their mark in the P2P industry due to improved security, feature set, and customer service. This is quite a substantial reduction in the trading fee.

With Bisq, payments and currency trading are decentralized.

Essentially, if you own their LCS Cryptoshares token, you are able to firstly make money by trading Bitcoin on the exchange and then secondly by receiving a passive income every 3 months in the form of the cryptocurrency traded on the platform. The LCS Cryptoshares token also provides voting rights, so when it comes to deciding on important changes to the exchange, the community decides, thus ensuring continued positive growth as the community is incentivized to make good decisions that benefit trades and the community.

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Their recent redesign has resulted in a fully functional set of advanced features that will also attract professional OTC Bitcoin traders. A wide range of payment methods is a huge benefit of this exchange good advisor for binary options trading the majority of their payment methods are not available on centralized exchanges.

Less accessible payment types often provide sellers with the opportunity to make money through arbitrage as the buyer is often willing to pay more for the convenience and privacy of the exchange. The integration of TOR helps P2P traders expose only the alternative alternative local bitcoin bitcoin minimum information about themselves required to trade safely on Bisq. This is very similar to the process of seeding a torrent and having to leave your torrent client open, as you would if you were downloading or seeding your favorite Linux Distribution.

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One of the interesting benefits for P2P traders of this type of exchange network is that it is resistant alternative local bitcoin DDOS alternative local bitcoin as alternative local bitcoin is a distributed network with no central IP address to target. Using Bisq requires no KYC or verification wait times, however, it does impose the requirement of security deposits and trade limits on users. The limits vary depending on the age of the account and the risk of chargeback involved with the chosen payment type.

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  4. Paxful Paxful is another reliable alternative to LocalBitcoins, which the cryptocurrency users can use all around the world, and it is also my go-to service after LocalBitcoins.
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If you are a trader who loves using programs like BitTorrent for file sharing or Mastodon as a mainstream social media alternative, then you should definitely check out this P2P exchange as an alternative to LocalBitcoins as you are literally part of alternative local bitcoin network itself. Who Should Use it: Bisq is a well-built platform, that is best suited for more advanced users who find it meets their specific circumstances and requirements.

US, is an older P2P Bitcoin option launched in This alternative to LocalBitcoins does well catering to users that want to trade P2P, but prefer a very simple experience.

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The P2P platform is available for trading in 49 US states, with the exception of New York State due to the implementation of Bitlicence and the cost of getting a license.

They also have international support for traders in other countries such as Canada, Europe, Russia, and Australia. One benefit for buyers on this exchange is that they require all Bitcoin to be escrowed before they allow it to alternative local bitcoin listed for sale on the P2P platform.

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This structure helps to ensure that only serious traders actually wanting to sell are likely putting offers on the platform, reducing the odds of dealing with a less serious seller. This includes providing a copy of your government ID, drivers license, or similar.

HodlHodl HodlHodl was the first, non-custodial peer to peer P2P bitcoin trading platform when it launched back in February Instead it relies on a multi-sig escrow system to combat the risk of scammers. The only downside for someis that the service is not available to U. Paxful Paxful is a P2P bitcoin marketplace which seems to attract champions and critics with equal fervour. Others bemoan its user interface and question its marketing tactics.

As well as SMS verification to fully comply with their verification requirements. While limiting, the list is quite long and should cover the needs of most target users in the US.

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