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5 Best Platforms To Make Money Online by Selling 3D Models

SketchFab 2. Start a 3D modelling Blog or Website Giving back to the community is the best thing to do.

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  • Put your talent to a real world use and earn some dough!
  • She explains how to make money from your 3D models… Now that it's almost Christmas, you may want to spend some time brokering your models or textures.

Start a blog or website focusing on 3D modelling and all information related to that and interested people will come to visit your blog. Showcase your work on your blog too and give out tips and solutions to problems that you have faced during your experience in 3D modelling.

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Give out some models for free and make people come back for more and built a community. If you can make a successful website out of this, you can earn a lot of money through monetization and affiliate marketing.

Sell rendered images of Models on Stock-Image sites Apart from selling 3D models on websites mentioned above, you can also sell rendered images of them on stock-image websites and earn revenue from them as well. Setting up the account and uploading some images does not take longer than an hour. Some of the popular websites for this are: Shutterstock 4.

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Make Money selling courses on 3D modelling If you are experienced enough and can teach others 3D modelling, then you can video courses of it and sell them on websites like Udemy etc. All you need is a Microphone and some screen recording software and you are set.

5 Ways to Make Money with Blender

Its called Photogrammetry. All you need is some high definition cameras like DSLR cameras and photogrammetry software.

These software include Agisoft Photoscan etc or you can use Meshroom software for this job which is super-easy to use and is also free. The amount of how much you can make is upto your made money for 3d model work and techniques you use.

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  • Now that I am employed, it just seems like I have to adjust my work to where the money lies.
  • You sell, you win!

Also, you should research on these sites that what kind of models sell better than the other. So, which methodology are going to use for making money with 3D modelling? Comment Below Also Read:.

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