How to make money in the tropico

How to Make Money?

Making money is a very important aspect of Tropico 6. Thanks to money are able to build new constructions and pay your citizens for their work.

In the early stages of the game you have to deal with limited finances.

how to make money in the tropico

However, if how to make money in the tropico build the right buildings, you will quickly multiply your capital. At the beginning of the game, regardless of the age build Rum Distillery and start growing sugar. This will allow you to start producing rum.

how to make money in the tropico

Due to the lack of training requirements and the high export price, you will have a regular cash inflow. Also sign trade agreements on a regular basis.


All of them, which will allow you to gain from signing them, will have a green percentage [1]. Thanks to them you can gain additional money on the goods you export at a given moment.

how to make money in the tropico

You will be able to maximize your profit if you decide to sign a contract for as many goods as possible [2]. Detailed information on trade agreements can be found in the chapter dedicated to them.

how to make money in the tropico

Once introduced, citizens will have to pay tributes in religious buildings. This will guarantee further inflows to the Treasury.

how to make money in the tropico

Revenue generated by Taj Mahal. You can also earn money on the wonders of the bond deposit option. During World Wars, you will be able to place Commando Garrison.

Tropico 5’s Economy

It will give you the opportunity to build the Taj Mahal. This construction means that every dying citizen will leave an inheritance in favour of the treasury.

Teamsters are the guys that deliver goods to factories, move supplies, and pick up exports. The more Teamsters you have, the smoother your economy will grow. A good rule of thumb?

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