Forts training options, This Job Has a Couple of Different Tracks

It can carry out commando-like missions such as seizing airfields, destroying key facilities, and capturing high-value enemies, and can strike by parachute, helicopter or other means. The most recent Ranger School graduating class started with candidates but after 62 days of the arduous all-weather training in woods, mountains and muddy swamps, only made it through to the graduation ceremony, standing in a cold drizzle here Dec.

If you've made it to this point, give yourself a pat on the back. Unless your aircraft gets hijacked, or over-run with rabid squirrels, you've got it made. Next stop — military basic training.

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The military branches have several basic training locations. Your destination depends on several factors, including the branch you joined, the location of your MEPS, your sex, and even what military job you're going to do.

The Army plans to change this number to four. In many cases, where you go depends on what your Army job is going to be.

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For many military jobs, the Army has a program called OSUT, or one-station unit training, which combines basic training and Army job school all into one course. Those who enlist west of the Mississippi will likely go through boot camp in San Diego, while those in the east will attend at Parris Island. There is only one boot camp to turn women into Marines — Parris Island.

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This length of time doesn't count time spent in reception, nor does it count forts training options time spent for job training if you attend an OSUT unit, which combines basic training and job training into one combined course. Until recently, Air Forcebasic training was only six weeks, the shortest basic training of any ofthe military branches.

However, the Air Force recently redesigned theirbasic training program, tacking on two extra weeks in the process.

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Navy basic training is seven weeks, plus one week at the beginningcalled processing week, which isn't officially part of basic training, butbecause forts training options will still have drill instructors yelling at you and telling youwhat to do, it might as well be.

The Marine Corps has the longest basic training — 12 weeks, not including4 days of in-processing time.

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Counting the half week you spend in forming in-processingyou'llspend a total of seven and a half weeks in Coast Guard basic training atCape May, the shortest basic training of all the services.