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This category is safe!

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Why do I say this, well, they will never waste time and money testing trading robots. That is the biggest problem with the Expert Advisors, you have to test them in so many ways. That is not something you can do over night.

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  • А завтра, - продолжила Николь, - если ты сможешь получить разрешение, я хочу побывать в Модуле Познания.
  • Turtle Trading: A Market Legend

Also you need test money, expect for the demo accounts testing. I personally respect each and every opinion. If you find yourself in this category Myth trading robot strongly recommend myth trading robot you dedicate a few minutes of your time and click here.

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The link will take you to visit my YouTube channel. You can find there video recordings of real live trading with one of my Optim Trader Expert Advisors.

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  • Expert Advisors Myth or Reality ? - The big controversy

I do not sell any of my trading robots. Seeing the real results maybe will help you to determine if Expert Advisors are a Myth or not.

The next category is a smaller one and it includes everyone that knows that trading robots exist, that they are e Reality and they would like to buy the right one that will actually make money.

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This category is the most exposed to all kinds of danger. I know I sound like a joke now, but this is just my opinion!

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I respect as I have already stated, each and everyone opinion! But really guys, how could you sell a money making machine for some dollars?!?

To me it makes no sense! You can have your own conclusion if you find yourself in this category, but be very careful!

Turtle Trading: A Market Legend

The last categoryin my opinion, and the smallest one is the one that includes the Expert Advisors developers. Here are the guys that are trying to create the ultimate software that will wipe out the markets.

Believe it or not, the institution have the biggest teams of algorithmic traders.

They are paid big to think big. Then there are the independent developers, like I am!

AI in Trading: Reality or Myth

The guys that just have to much faith in their trading methods. They also might have traded for so long that they got bored and need a automation to make things easier or faster. Now, this particular category knows that Expert Advisors are no Myth.

If they will ever sell, they will ask some serious numbers for their Expert Advisors.

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So are Expert Advisors Myth or Reality? Expert Advisors are no Myth, they are Reality!

Using his own money and trading novices, how did the experiment fare?

It is very unlikely you will be able to buy one that really works and that makes room for a big scam and the internet is full of it, that is the big problem! Thank you for reading! If you are interested in becoming our client, please click herefor our contact details!

With AI-powered platforms, traders can significantly increase their capabilities handling huge amounts of data and constantly improving their forecasts. Human workers who previously planned financial strategies, not always successfully though, will be replaced by robots, and their job functions will succumb to automation. Despite all these obvious benefits, there is still some distrust of AIand nobody is entirely sure whether this technology is a boon or a bane. Myth or Truth? Here are some myths about trading robots.

Take care everyone and stay green!