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General Electric: A Fantastic Asset? We have ignored 50 Cent in this column because large options trades are usually tied to larger stock or bond positions.

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The story always seemed contrived and reminiscent of tales of another legendary figure who once supposedly prowled the options market: the Sheikh.

In the s, when options traded in open-outcry pits, big trades that were hard to explain were often attributed to the Sheikh.

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The story eventually faded away. And so it is that 50 Cent confronts reality.

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We are advised that he has bought VIX calls to hedge a multibillion-dollar high-yield bond portfolio. High-yield bonds are the fixed-income equivalent of stocks, so VIX calls are commonly used as hedges.

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In comparison, the VIX is more liquid and reactive. Most investors should avoid trading VIX options and focus on how the non-tradable VIX can help determine if the mob is too fearful, marking a potential directional shift in options from 50 stock market.

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Those signals often occur after share prices have collapsed and the fear gauge has surged.