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As one of the most popular fruit juices in the world, the orange juice trade attracts many market participants, which include farmers, processors, storage facilities, market makers and arbitrageurs.

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Various financial instruments such as futures and options are available for trading orange juice. The exchange trades frozen concentrated orange juice.

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The robot is based on an advanced strategy and technical analysis indicators, and is able to automatically efficiently and with a minimum delay analyze the price movement of the Orange juice asset, as well as historical data, trading volumes and the news factor and make a decision to buy or sell an orange juice asset, conducting transactions with the maximum profit factor and minimal risk.

Trading robot Orange juice has a set of ready-made optimized parameters, which makes the robot's performance optimal in terms of maximizing profits and minimizing risk.

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Trading robot Orange juice is equally nailed during the trend movement of prices for orange juice, as well as during highly volatile price movements and flat. See more.

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