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This tool is used both in simple strategies for novice traders and in advanced professional systems.

trading robots on movings

The MACD indicator is included in the standard library of tools of the trading platform, and it can be installed in just a few mouse clicks. You can also download this indicator on our website.

The histogram displays the degree of divergence of two moving averages: if one moves away from the other, then the bars of the histogram grow, if the movings move closer, the bars decrease.

The expert is distinguished by stable signals, which can be used as accurate short-term signals.

Thus, with strong movement, the bars of the MACD histogram will be long, with flat - short. If the histogram is built above the zero line, this means that the fast moving average rises above the slow one, gradually moving away - that is, the trend is upward.

trading robots on movings

If the columns line up from the zero mark down - the fast moving one is below the slow one, the trend is downward. The auxiliary red line, periodically intersecting with the histogram in the indicator window, is a moving average, built already on the MACD histogram, and not on the price chart.

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This line is built to receive additional signals from the indicator. Indicator settings Fast and Slow MAs are the same moving ones that are plotted on the chart and give indications for building a histogram. The greater the difference in their periods, the sharper the histogram will be. In most cases, these parameters remain by default unless the conditions of a particular strategy require trading robots on movings.

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The larger the parameter, the stronger the moving will move away from the histogram, and the less they will intersect. Next, the parameter is set opening, closing, minimum or maximum of the candleaccording to which the remaining constructions will be carried out. The minimum and maximum of the histogram can be fixed at a certain level, above or below which it will not go. Finding divergence and convergence The concepts of divergence and convergence mean the difference between price values and indicator readings.

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This difference is the strongest signal of the MACD indicator, and is the main advantage of this indicator. Convergence is the difference between price and indicator performance, which serves as a signal to open a long position.

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Divergence is the difference between the price and the values of the indicator, which serves as a signal to open a trading robots on movings position.

But, as it happened, it became customary to call two opposite meanings in one word - divergence. And convergence is usually called divergence to buy, and divergence itself - divergence to sell. Search for divergence to buy A divergence for a buy is formed when the price falls, updating the local minimum, and the MACD indicator does not draw a new minimum, it is at this moment that a divergence for a purchase is forming.

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The divergence signal is considered one of the strongest signals in the Forex market. Conclusion The MACD indicator is a very valuable tool precisely because of its ability to show divergence.

trading robots on movings

The combination of this indicator with other proven conditions gives the trader very promising trading strategies. The most interesting strategies, in trading robots on movings opinion, using the MACD indicator, can be found on our website in the Strategies section.

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