Binary options for weather

The digital options can be purchased with expiries of five minutes, 20 minutes, one hour, and end of day.

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Originally, the Cantor Exchange was an electronic and online marketplace where investors could buy and sell domestic U. The exchange, approved by the U.

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Commodity Futures Trading Commission in June,allowed investors to bet on how financially successful upcoming movie releases would be in theaters. Supporters said it could help companies in the movie industry manage movie-production risk by hedging.

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Due to the quick legal turnaround, movie futures were never actually traded on the exchange. Binary options settle at 0 oroffering a fixed payout for trades finishing in the moneywhile also keeping losses contained to the amount wagered on losing trades.

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As the contracts purchased increase, the payout to the winner who predicts the correct weather or storm landfall location increases. One thing is clear, as time goes on, there will be more and more ways to speculate on future events. The CXMarkets exchange allows those who want to speculate on weather-related events with ease.

Over time, it is safe to assume that other types of wagers will be available on all sorts of events.

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If there is something to bet binary options for weather, and Wall Street sees the demand, there will likely be an exchange created. Compare Accounts.

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