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7 Tips on How to Motivate Employees in a Remote Workforce

The problem is, this leadership approach works only with already motivated people. What about those other, difficult folks who consume too much of your time?

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How staff motivation option you energize them? Everyone has motivational energy. In fact, most problem employees are driven and commited—but only outside the office. The work-place—seemingly uncaring bosses, especially—can block that inherent motivation.

How to Motivate Employees

Create a rich picture of the problem employee. Example: Jerry, a new pharmaceuticals company manager, learns that Bernard—a talented but reticent and angry scientist reporting to him—was passed over for a promotion.

Bernard yearns to preserve his dignity. Ask him and his colleagues to describe how you come across.

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Something basic—for instance, how you talk—may be wrong for him, though fine for others. The situation: What may be eliciting the worst from both of you? Reframe your goals. Flexibility can yield surprisingly rich alternatives.

Stage the encounter. Watch for unexpected areas of agreement—then tease ideas out of the person. Now Bernard must propose specifically how this might work.

10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Motivate Employees

Add in the proper incentives, and people will enthusiastically march off in the right direction. But something is seriously wrong with it: Such a strategy works with only a fraction of employees and a smaller fraction of managers.

For one thing, few executives are particularly gifted at rallying the troops. Exhorting most managers to become Nelson Mandelas or Winston Churchills imbues them with staff motivation option more than a sense of guilt and inadequacy. For another, all available evidence suggests that external incentives—be they pep talks, wads of cash, or even the threat of unpleasant consequences—have limited impact. The people who might respond to such inducements are already up and running.

So how do you get these people to follow your lead? How do you get them energized and committed in such a way that they not only support your initiatives but carry them out? After 30 years of studying business organizations and advising executives, I have concluded that these are precisely the wrong questions to ask.

Your job is to create the circumstances in which staff motivation option inherent motivation—the natural commitment and drive that most people have—is freed and channeled toward achievable goals. That approach requires an entirely different managerial mind-set.

9 Ways to Inspire Employee Motivation in the Workplace

Achieving this shift in perspective is anything but easy. First, consider the problem facing Annette. Though the cases in this article are real, the names and identifying details have been changed.

How to keep your team motivated

She is a senior designer at a large publishing and graphic design business, with dotted-line responsibility for Colin, a project team member. Always something of a maverick, Colin nonetheless has a good work history. But the team is feeling the heat because the company restructured it to reduce costs and speed turnaround times. After discussing the situation with Dave, Annette decides that she will be the one to talk to Colin because she has the better relationship with him.

When she meets staff motivation option him staff motivation option tries to get him to accept this line of reasoning, Colin agrees to do what Annette wants. In her opinion, Colin is in his comfort zone: He supports the other team members, even helps them to solve their problems, but he does so at the expense of fulfilling his own responsibilities.

Annette wonders whether Colin has become a misfit in the new structure and will have to leave. Perhaps she should give him a formal warning at his annual appraisal. Or maybe she should transfer him to a less demanding job, in effect demoting him. Paolo works in Eastern Europe as a country manager for an international property developer. George, a chartered accountant with an MBA, is a direct report whose job is to sell plots of land and develop strategic alliances with local companies.

70 Awesome Ways to Motivate Employees

George is fairly new to this position, having previously worked in a back-office role overseeing customer accounts. Although George is pleasant and enthusiastic, his performance is subpar and shows no signs of improvement.

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In fact, George has yet to sell a single parcel of land. In his dealings with potential partners, the garrulous George acts as though his bonhomie is all he needs to cut a deal. And the deals he does manage to make turn out to be ill considered and costly. Because of these issues, Paolo meets with George several times to try to get him to change his ways.

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George responds with encouraging smiles, plausible excuses, and a commitment to Paolo that things will change, but nothing does. In the final analysis, Paolo decides, George is slippery and lazy. Exasperated, Paolo decides to issue George an ultimatum: Improve your game or get out.

But firing George would be an expensive option; people with his background and skills are difficult to find in this part of the world.

Motivating Employees is Essential to Successful Management

Poor Paolo. He can almost smell the failure likely to result from a confrontation. Poor Annette. If only she could convince Colin to improve his attitude, she could hold on to a potentially valuable team member.

Gamify, with incentives. Make a game out of work, and provide rewards when goals and achievements are met. This will increase employee engagement, which is a key indicator of workplace satisfaction and motivation. Recognize accomplishments regularly.

Staff motivation option Mistakes Managers Make These two cases share some qualities that often bedevil executives in their attempts to motivate problem staff motivation option. For instance, Annette and Paolo believe that they just need the right sales pitch to turn around Colin and George. But each of us has a unique profile staff motivation option motivational drivers, values, and staff motivation option, and we have different ideas about what is reasonable.

This frequent mismatch of perceptions leads to staff motivation option common problem with managerial attempts at motivation: the futile and prolonged game of tag, with a manager repeatedly trying to slap some binary options for 10 onto the problem employee.

Think of Colin avoiding his bosses.

23 Freakishly Effective Ways To Motivate Employees In 2021

Think of George and his elusive promises. In trying to convert Colin and George into different kinds of people, they—like most managers dealing with problem employees—have set themselves an impossible goal. Change comes from within or not at all.

A New Approach to Motivation So if Annette and Paolo have approached their problems in the wrong way, what is the right way?

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I propose a relatively simple method I have seen work time and again. It involves shifting the responsibility for motivation from subject to object, from boss to subordinate.

Crucially, it also involves a shift in perspective: The manager needs to look at the employee not as a problem to be solved but as a person to be understood. With people we like, we try to understand how they feel.