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How to Make Money Growing Plants at Home (an easy side hustle!)

Our Garden Harvest Tally Spreadsheet is now available! Taking Orders for Vegetable Starts to Sell There are two schools of thoughts on this, and taking orders like I do is one method. I make a how to make money growing on Facebook every year, listing out what varieties of tomatoes and peppers How to make money growing have to offer. I only list them if I have at least half of a seed packet available to grow.

If I have less seed than this, I still plant them, but they go into my "extras" that I have out when people pick up their orders. It never fails, folks always add a couple more how to make money growing their order when they see these. I then share my Facebook post on my blog Facebook page, my own page and I also share the post to the local gardening groups and homesteading groups I belong to on Facebook.

If you don't belong to any, look them up! It is wonderful to have a local network of gardening and homesteading buddies to swap things with, ask advice, sell stuff too, etc. I prefer to take orders, because people can choose what they want before they venture out to my place and find that I don't have what they are looking for. But there are always a few who never show up to pick up their orders, so be prepared for that.

I usually end up just adding them back into my extras for sale table so it all works out in the end.

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Make Money Selling your Extra Vegetable Starts However, the second school of thought, is to just plant what you like, and post what you have for sale, at the time that the seedlings are ready to go to their new homes. I have seen this method also work well for other gardening friends in the area. It might be a better way to go if you are just starting out.

And if other's are selling in the area, don't think you won't have buyers! There are a bunch of us in the area that are successful selling veggie starts. Everyone has different stuff, so sometimes, customers will go from one seller to the next seller and to the next, and buy from us all!

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And then each weekend, I bump them up in the groups and on my Facebook page, and remind people if they want to place an order, they need to do it soon. I do this for 3 weeks or so before I begin planting.

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Sometimes I get straggler orders in, and I will plant them up if it's not too late. Down the first column, I list all the varieties that I am growing. Across the top, I put the customers names. When I get an order, I go down the column beneath the customers name, and type in the number of each variety that they want. I include my own plants in this as well, so I don't forget them! They are the reason for doing this in the first place!

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Be sure to keep a label with every single plant, especially when you up pot! If you don't you will just have a whole lot of unidentifiable tomato and pepper plants, so this is crucial! I start the tomatoes and peppers inside our home in a spare bedroom on a rack with grow lights and heat mats. I begin planting my own seed first starting with peppers, and then about a week later start my pepper orders.

This how to make money growing begins near the end of February. I start my tomatoes early March, and tomatoes I am selling closer to mid March. I also do some Winter Sowing outside starting in January, beginning with perennials, and I always plant a few things this way that I know will grow well and are good sellers such as lavender.

Keep in mind how quickly tomatoes grow. Beware, if you start them too soon, you will how to make money growing up with leggy starts that are tall and delicate. This makes it hard to work with when up potting them and for customers to travel home with, so I how to make money growing learned starting them later is better for selling.

Up Potting Tomato and Pepper Seedlings to Sell To keep my costs as minimal as possible, I only up pot into 4" pots or How to make money growing cups with holes cut into the bottom. If I were to up pot into larger gallon size pots, that means I have to buy how to trade binary options news correctly LOT more potting soil and larger pots which are more expensive.

Often times, the tomato seedlings can still be long and leggy at this point, and need to be staked to protect them. I set up a couple of folding tables in my garage, and kind of up pot assembly line fashion. How to make money growing my daughter will help me.

When doing the tomatoes, my biggest tip is to remember to plant them as deeply as possible, removing all the lowest leaves. I do this both when I up pot, as well as when I do the final planting.

New roots grow off the stem making for a stronger plant in the end. I like the Solo cups for this reason, as they are a bit deeper than your standard 4" planting pot. See my article on How to Transplant Tomato Seedlings for more information on this. The only thing I don't get from there, is potting soil, which I buy at Costco.

They just changed brands this year, from a Miracle Grow potting soil to a new organic potting soil from Kellogg and it worked just as well.

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Other Plants to Sell from Home Growing from Seed You really can go crazy with this, if you have the time and the space. This year, I started onions, celery, artichoke and asparagus for myself in January.

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So of course I also started extras that will go out when customers come by to pick up their orders. I also start Winter Sowing a bunch of things in January, mostly perennials, and some of those things will also be available.

Flats of annuals are easy to start, or other veggie starts, and both will sell well. You really can start whatever you like by seed, and just have it available on the customer pick up days!

In the fall, think about what you can collect seed from. Look at perennials and annuals. Selling plants you started from free seed just means you earn more bang for each buck. Also consider friends and families gardens. Perhaps you can visit and collect some seed from them in the fall. A little seed goes a long way, especially if its free! Or join seed swaps. There are a lot of online seed swaps, and I know we have several locally, so be sure to look around!

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Plants to Sell from Home by Propagating Propagating many plants is really easy. Things like grapes, elderberries and other woody plants are super easy to propagate.

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Simply take a pruned piece, stick in rooting hormone, and pot it up! Or raspberries, send runners under the ground to a point that is almost a nuisance. Dig up the extras and sell bundles of them! Same for strawberries! As you are doing winter clean up and getting all the pruning done around your homestead, keep this in mind. By late April, you could have loads of new things to sell by doing this!

Another easy to propagate plant are succulents, and they are all the rage right now. All three of my daughters how to make money growing become obsessed, and we are having fun learning to propagate them.

Some succulents are as easy to propagate as laying a leaf piece on some soil and they will easily take root. Others work better if you take a small cutting and use rooting hormone.

If you like succulents and who doesn't! Plants to Sell from Home by Dividing Another cheap and easy way to source plants to sell, are in your own yard. Have a look around at your perennials. Perennials need to be divided every 3- 5 years to keep them happy and healthy, so why not sell those divisions?

Those are free plants you can sell! Any of them that have really taken off, are probably in need of being divided.

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Dividing them every three years or so stimulates new growth and blooms, so it is a good thing to do as part of garden maintenance. You can either grow your garden by replanting your own divisions, or sell them!

Some easy perennials that come to mind for me are: phlox, rudbeckia, shasta daisies, carnations, crocismia, hostas, ground covers, lemon balm, mint, strawberries, and many more!

This is such an easy way to make money from selling your plants! They are selling like hot cakes!

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Do some research and find how to make money growing rare ones, and try to propagate those, as they will sell for the most money. I have recently joined the houseplant addict level! Most house plants are super easy to root cuttings in water, and then pot them up. Succulents are even easier, just lay a couple of leaves on dirt, occasionally mist with water, and they will take root. Buy cheap terra cotta or plastic pots, but paint them up with pretty and unique designs to make them stand out.

If you how to make money growing crafty, maybe just selling unique pots is the thing for you to do! Make Money Pricing Your Plant Starts to Sell This will probably vary a little bit depending on what you are selling and where you live. Of course if folks buy a lot of stuff, I will give them a bit of a discount. Just make sure that you are covering your own costs when you price things and make a little bit extra on each. Remember that your goal is to make money growing plants at home, so don't price them too low!.

But it took more than a few weeks for this amount of plants to sell, and they started getting leggy and had to be moved to my deck. Once the day arrives where customers are coming to pick up their orders, I set up one or two of our garage bays kind of garage sale style. I set up a couple tables with all of the available extras I how to make money growing for sale. All the orders are pre-sorted in boxes around the perimeter.

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I usually email or message customers earlier that week to let them know that everything will be available that weekend. I also let customers know that all my "extras" will be available on a first come first serve basis. Hopefully, this encourages them to hurry on over here and pick up there stuff quickly! Selling from your garage is great if you have a smaller amount of extra plants to sell and plan to only sell them for a weekend or two. This year, I went way overboard, and had more plants available, then I could sell that quickly.

You can open it up for school field trips. You can offer garden tours with information to local people and families. You can also do it at specific times to large groups of out of towners. You have to find a good way to advertise it but lots of people are interested in how things are grown and love to hear the information and see it in action. People will pay for information if it is something they want or need.

So after the first two weekends, I had to move them out onto the deck, so they could get some sun. They stayed out there until mid-June or so, when I finally got tired of caring for them and donated them. A greenhouse by your driveway, would also be a great place to sell them from. We have one of these greenhouses out in the garden, quite a ways from my driveway. I would love to get a second one in the how to make money growing, just for my plant sales.

Plenty of people will love them, so offer them up! No sense in throwing them out or composting them. Several of us locals who grow veggie and plant starts, were invited to attend.

It was an awesome experience, so I thought I would share a bit about it here. We all were able to hang out and socialize, and she had a BBQ for us. A potluck would be awesome too! It was fun to look at what the other vendors had for sale, and it was a great afternoon chatting with friends and talking all about gardening with the other growers.