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How does this reduce your buying power and what are the opportunity costs?

What are the transaction options reversal it alternative ways to close the position? What are your risks exposure while legging out for alternative ways to close?


Finally, where is the asset closing relative to the strike? Generally, If asset price is below the put strike then the call expires worthless and you need to exercise the put.

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If asset is above the call strike then put expires worthless and you'll likely get assigned. Given this framework: If margin interest is eating up your profit faster than you're earning theta a convenient way to represent the time value then you have some urgency and you need to exit that position before expiry. I would not exit the stock until the call is covered.

Updated Jul 8, What is a Reverse Conversion? A reverse conversion is a form of arbitrage that enables options traders to profit from an overpriced put option no matter what the underlying does. The trade consists of selling a put and buying a call to create a synthetic long position while shorting the underlying stock.

Keep minimal risk at all times. If you are limited by the position's impact on your buying power and probable value of available opportunities is greater than the time decay you're earning then once again, you have some urgency about closing instead of unwinding at expiry.

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Same as above. Cover that call, before you ditch your hedge in the long stock.

options reversal it

You need sub-penny commissions on stock and I would say a lot of leverage and most importantly you need options charges much lower options reversal it IB to make that kind of trading work. IB is the cheapest in the retail brokerage game, but those commissions aren't even close to what the traders are getting who are more than likely on the other side of your options trades.

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