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FTX has subaccounts that allow you the option to split up your positions. There you can create new subaccounts, switch which subaccount you're using, and transfer funds between subaccounts. You can also toggle which subaccount you're currently using by clicking on your profile name in the upper right hand corner and clicking 'Subaccounts'. Subaccount Custom Logins: To create option subaccount subaccount login go to ftx.

How to manage sub-accounts? Activate the Sub-accounts option?

option subaccount

This options aims to allow you to spread your systems into different company, to compartimentalize each option subaccount or providers. By default an account cannot manage sub-accounts.


You should have received your credentials by email when your account was created. If you do not have a support account, please contact your Sales manager. Create a new sub-account?

option subaccount

From the sub-accounts grid you easily add a new sub-account. Click on the relevant button.

This is an optional part of the accounting string that allows departments and units to track financial activity within a particular account at a finer level of detail. Sub-accounts can be used to help track expenses when several different activities may be funded by the same account.

A pop-up form displays: Fill in the form: Name: The name of your sub-account mandatory field. Administrators: Choose one or several Administrators from your own users list mandatory field. To display the complete option subaccount of all your sub-accounts and their Datapoint consumption, simply click on the Sub-accounts tab.

option subaccount

For each sub-account listed you will see the number of activated systems, and related Datapoints consumption. If you have many sub-accounts and you want to know which subaccounts consume the most or the least, you can filter on Option subaccount, for example: Once you have identified a sub-account you want to examine, you can click on its row, to display the detailed view, including its option subaccount and historical data consumption.

The system widget in the main dashboard shows the total systems from all the sub-accounts including top earnings internet of the level 1 mother company. The sub-accounts tab includes shows the breakdown for the each sub-account.

You can retrieve all detailed information of your sub-accounts by month in Excel format. To do so: Go back to Dashboard tab.

Manage Email Across Different Users with Subaccounts

In Data Consumption detailed reports widget choose the corresponding month. See How to integrate my fleet consumption with my IT system?

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What if a sub-account is consuming too many datapoints? You can identify which system s are consuming the most, and if necessary reconfigure them.

option subaccount

For more details, see this link You can also move your system in Maintenance state: no data points will be stored and consummed. Finally, you can deactivate a sub-account.

A sub account is a segregated account nested under a larger account or relationship. At the most basic level, a sub account can be thought of as an account within an account. Key Takeaways A sub account is a segregated account nested under a larger account or relationship. These separate accounts may house data, correspondence, and other useful option subaccount or contain funds that are kept under safekeeping with a bank. Each sub account is created for a specific purpose and might only be accessible to a particular person.

For more details, see Sub-account tab documentation What can a sub-account view? Each sub-account has limited access to the Account Management application, restricted to its own data. To use Account Management in the context of one of your sub-accounts, follow this procedure: How to use the app for a partner Sub-account?

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