Fundamentals of crypto trading, Guide To Cryptocurrency Trading Basics: Introduction to Crypto Technical Analysis

Share67 67 Shares A series on cryptocurrency trading basics, focusing on breaking down crypto technical analysis at a beginner's level for everyone to understand.

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When it comes to analyzing cryptocurrencies or any kinds of investments for that matterthere are 2 main ways that you can perform your analysis; namely fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis assesses the value of a cryptocurrency by looking at underlying variables and metrics of the project to evaluate if it's a good investment.

What is trading?

Technical analysis, on the other hand, looks at historical price data to predict the future price movements of a particular cryptocurrency. This article will form an introductory guide into the exciting world of technical analysis.

Trading is a fundamental economic concept that involves buying and selling assets.

Introduction To Technical Analysis Technical analysis represents a methodology for evaluating investments which involves a statistical analysis of market activity. The main differentiating feature of technical analysis as compared to fundamental analysis is its exclusive use of historical volume and price data.

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Technical analysis is concerned with the future, and the best predictor of future price movements is past trading information and data. It may seem complicated on the surface, but it boils down to an analysis of supply and demand in the market to determine where the price trend is headed.

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Technical analysis is based on three underlying earnings bitcoin video The market discounts everything History tends to repeat itself Who is Responsible for Technical Analysis? Many individuals, primarily scholars.

Things to keep in mind

This indicator does not tell us anything that is not directly available through the price points on the chart. However, its advantage is that it synthesizes the information to give us an idea of whether the recent run of prices has risen well beyond what the prior existing trend dictated.

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Indicators: Technical tools based on mathematical computations of historical price and volume to assist in predicting future price movements Oversold: A situation where an asset is trading way below its intrinsic true value, usually due to panic selling or market overreaction. This is the best time to invest since the asset is cheap relative to its actual value Overbought: A situation where an asset is trading way above its intrinsic true value, without being supported by fundamental reasons.

This is the best time to sell away since the asset is too expensive and a pullback is expected.

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Using this technical indicator, it becomes significantly easier to determine whether or not it is a wise choice to invest in a specific cryptocurrency. An educated trader would look at the indicator above and interpret that this means that the value of the cryptocurrency has risen well beyond what the market indicated that it valued it just fundamentals of crypto trading few days prior.

By reading through our entire series on technical indicators. It is also fundamentals of crypto trading to understand the differences between cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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Temper your expectations. Here's a guide to understanding the difference between cryptocurrencies and stocks No matter how much reading you do, you have to practice. When you think you have it, practice some more.

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Fundamentals of crypto trading focusing on the headlines and the supposed "future of crypto" and shift your focus to the money-making opportunities of individual cryptos Decipher varied applications of the blockchain within the retail and financial sector Prepare yourself for trading by setting up a wallet, selecting the right exchange and researching potential crypto investments Leverage technical analysis to spot short and long term crypto trends, and to mitigate market volatility and risk Develop entry and exit strategies and plans to stick with them, despite large intraday swings Trade on various crypto exchanges, with real time charting This course includes: 70 lessons of on-demand video, exercises, and interactive content Lifetime access to course so you can watch and rewatch whenever you want This course is designed for: intermediate crypto traders looking to move beyond the basics and develop real crypto trading strategies.

This is a skill, and as such, you need to feed it Be prepared to contribute. Learn how these indicators work and break them down to a science.

Improve your crypto trading game: the basics of Fundamental and Technical Analysis 1 month ago Years before crypto trading even existed, traders have argued about the use and importance of fundamental and technical analysis — especially debating which one is more important than the other.

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