Indicator for binary option platinum

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Email The Bollitoucher function is more like a Bollinger band but with a very unique exception. The signals generated in a 1-minute time frame is highly reliable in Bollitoucher.

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The topmost barrier or the band is our resistance and the lowermost band is the support. Price has a tendency to bounce off the support and rejects the resistance. Instead of taking trades with the help of the band, indicator for binary option platinum platinum trend signal indicator will be exclusively used to eliminate the potential false setups. Wait for the bounce in the price at the bottom band of Bollitoucher.

Platinum Indicator Specifications for Binary Options

The bounce will be valid provided that the closing is above the high of the lower band. Wait for a green arrow mark right near the bounce.

indicator for binary option platinum

At times you may not find the confirmation signal and there is no need to go for the call option. If the arrow mark is painted by the strategy ex4 files, you can have a call option.

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Rejection of the upper barrier of the Bollitoucher is required to go for the put option. For the confirmation, we will be waiting for the red downward arrow mark at the top rejection zone.

indicator for binary option platinum

Go put with the confirmation sign. Being a new trader, you must know this system is more like a reversal trading method.

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Reversal trading system requires special attention and some cautious approach to manage the risk. Due to the trending nature of the market, it becomes hard to make a profit along with the trend. If you trade the lower chart, the trend will not have an intense impact on this system.

However, you can limit the intensity by using the trend trading technique. In that case, you will take the trades at the end of a retracement only.

indicator for binary option platinum

So, pay attention to the channel slope as it tells you the path of trend. Slope pointing north tells you to go for the call options only. The southward slope tells you to go for put options.

How to use the Platinum indicator on binary options Platinum Indicator Specifications for Binary Options Simple use of the indicator allows even beginners to work with it. After its inclusion on the asset quotation chart, arrows will be indicated that predict the trend reversal point. Profile forums that discuss different types of similar trading instruments have found many similar moments in this indicator with another well-known analogue, Hunter Trend.