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Link to clip — found it very interesting that this was accepted with flicker issues and also sold! Slowly paying off my gimbal investment as I ninja-walked towards the Giralda Tower at my favourite city in Europe…Seville.

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A strong effort for the year with accepted, with almost all shot locally. In December, I managed only two of the following images accepted out of a total of 45 submissions — so it was not honest earnings on the net disappointing but not unusual.

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Will just write it off as a month when I was distracted. Will update you in January whether any of these were accepted probably only one or two only : Looking to interview Book Cover Contributors One of my goals for is to interview Stock Wizardsas I call them…in other words, the top-performing stock contributors in the industry. This includes top book cover contributors so we can draw useful insight.

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Link to article Microstock Minnows Who cares!? Waste of storage space, except for maybe Depositphotos, which paid me enough during the month for a Happy Meal. Creative Market no sales on 1, assets — W-T-F?!

This will hopefully help you see the end-usages of stock images and guide you in creating sell-able concepts. I hope to inspire others by showing an unique insight into a fascinating business model.

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