How to make money for a student in a hostel

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Rucksack Brian 8 years This is an older binary options with 300r, but many of us are still struggling to find services that we can charge for without taking away something that our guests already enjoy. Two airlines are making impressive efforts lately. Ancillary Friday: American goes the last mile with luggage, and US Airways expands its menu A few well-known airlines have embarked on a new trend in growing ancillary revenue how to make money for a student in a hostel by actually inventing new services instead of merely unbundling existing ones.

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  2. Notwithstanding while living in the hostel you can find numerous ways to make some income that would help generate extra cash for your daily expenses.
  3. Or do you want to earn money while studying for your extra expenses?
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American and United announced initiatives in the last couple of days. The program is called DineFresh, with items like shrimp cocktail and creme brulee cheesecake whatever that is.

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Good for them! Too many companies these days use the Ryanair model, where they knock their product down to the base offer and charge for everything else as if it were an extra.

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In a hostel this might mean offering a low base rate for a bed and then tacking on an extra fee if a guest wants sheets, a locker, a towel, a shower, hot water in their shower, breakfast, internet, wi-fi, kitchen facilities, housekeeping service, a key to their room, access to power points, working light bulbs, etc. There were some good suggestions above for making extra money. Do any of you have any more creative ideas for NEW services that could be offered and charged for?

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For departing guests this would also be a great opportunity to slip in a personal goodbye message for them so their final thoughts of the hostel will be warm ones. Your guests can go out and enjoy their last hours in the city without having to lug around their heavy pack or run back to the hostel to collect their things.

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Transportation — partner up with another hostel in a feeder city and organize a private shuttle between you. Guests would be picked up and dropped off with door to door service between the two hostels.

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If you have extra space, you could sell the empty seats to guests of your competition arriving and leaving from your hostel, of course Temporary Employment — offer your services as a talent scout, acting as an agent between backpackers who want to make some money and potential employers with under-the-table work. Report 'Re: Any ideas for making extra money in you hostel? Are you sure you want to report this comment for offensive, abusive or spam content?