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This is true for both researching the underlying stock or ETF, and choosing the right trading strategy. The same applies to choosing your trading strategy, which includes risk and money management. Trading income option strategies with limited reward make selecting a consistency strategy the single most important aspect.

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The best way to gain consistency is to use the same method for selecting your expiration and strike prices each time you enter a trade. Selecting the same expiration, strikes prices with a consistency methodology, coupled with a solid risk and money management plan will bring consistency to your trading results.

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Expiration selection: Income trades such as covered calls, short puts and credit profitable option secret are capturing time decay, which accelerates within the last month of expiration.

Keep in mind, very short-term options provides the best time decay, but have substantially larger transaction costs compared to the income received. Both indicators factor into implied volatility and normalize your strikes against higher and lower volatility environments.

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When trading credit spreads, use the Probability of Profit of the breakeven price as your indicator to gain consistency. Lastly, profitable option secret any strategy, having an exit plan before entering the trade is critical to success. Income strategies generally have risks that are greater than the income received, making risk management even more critical.

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