Idea on which people made money

Take the Qtip, for instance.

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We see it happen all of the time. Just when we think everything has already been thought of, someone comes up with something new and makes millions.

Remember the Snuggie? Go figure. There are countless ideas just like the Snuggie.

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Many of these inventions are created by regular people — housewives, teachers, middle class workers, and students. When Mark Zuckerberg began creating Facebook, he was your typical albeit highly intelligent college student. Check out this list of ideas that have idea on which people made money people rich. These are all ideas developed by everyday people.

But Price says on her website that customers would continue to ask her about hair care products. So, she listened to her customers and developed a hair care line. Source: AllerMates on Facebook 2.

20 Craziest Ways People Have Made $1 Million

Shamus then conducted a little online research. She and her son came up with different characters, like Nutso, that could go onto wearable accessories for children. Recently, AllerMates has partnered with the Wiggles to help teach more and more families about allergies.

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One night, she went out to a party and, while getting ready, she decided to cut the feet off of a pair of pantyhose so she could be more comfortable at the party, and also look better in her outfit. After she realized how well her makeshift creation turned out, she knew it was a great idea. Her journey creating Spanx was a long one, though. She fought for her product, calling hosiery mills until someone would work with her.

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Idea on which people made money eventually worked out for Blakely, though, and today, her company is a multi-million dollar enterprise. Source: Pillow Pets on facebook 4.

7 Creative Ways Regular People Made $1 Million

He had a particular stuffed animal that he took everywhere with him and he even slept on it until it began to flatten out. Telfer saw success with pillow pets only after she had already tried her luck with another product that did not turn out so well. So, she and her husband did take a loss before gaining with their company CJ Products.

Today, the company makes several other successful toys, in addition to their pillow pets. Source: Slap Bracelets on facebook 5.

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Lets face it — this was an amazing idea. These things were everywhere.

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Kids would have them around their ankles, around their wrists, and even around backpacks and furniture. Well, after a few injuries and companies producing knock-off slap bracelets made with cheaper materials, the bracelets faded out. But, you still see them sold online and in some discount stores. Similar technology to the slap bracelet is even making its way into the tech arena.