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By Rick Regan April 28th, Any double-precision floating-point number can be identified with at most 17 significant decimal digits. This means that if you convert a floating-point number to a decimal string, round it to nearest to 17 digits, and then convert that back to floating-point, you will recover the original floating-point number. In other words, the conversion will round-trip.

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Sometimes many fewer than 17 digits will serve to round-trip ; it is often desirable to find the shortest such string. Some programming languages generate shortest decimal strings, but many do not.

There is an interesting anomaly in this process though, one that I recently learned about from Mark Dickinson on stackoverflow. Mark described the problem in the context of single-precision binary floating-point, but it applies to double-precision binary floating-point as well — or any precision binary floating-point for that matter.

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I will look at this anomaly in the context binar error code double-precision floating-point, and give a detailed analysis of its cause.