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In Regard To vs. English has many phrases that function the same as individual parts of speech. And even among such phrases, there are many variations, some of which are as simple as pluralizing: in regard to or in regards to.

Should you ever use these phrases in your own writing?

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They sound nice, but often, a simpler with regard to options then does the same job in fewer words. In this post, I will compare in regard to vs.

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Then, I will provide a mnemonic device to tell the difference between them. By using this memory tool, you will have a much easier time choosing either in regards to or in regard to in your own writing.

Tips for Using Thanks and Regards in Email and Letters

In regard to is a phrase that functions as a preposition in sentences. It is useful for introducing a main topic or additional points relating to a main topic.

Thank you for your time Cheers Looking forward to our next conversation Looking forward to hearing from you Have a wonderful [day, weekend] Happy weekend Let me know if you need anything "Kind Regards" "Kind regards" is a more formal variation of "Best regards. It still communicates respect but intuits with regard to options then of an established relationship. In business correspondence, "Kind regards" is a professional and appropriate way to end an email. Here are a few scenarios in which you would use "Kind regards": When conducting warm outreach When in the early stages of communicating with prospects especially if they haven't responded to your emails When emailing an executive at any company, any time When introducing yourself to a mutual acquaintance of a friend or colleague When you're uncertain which sign-off to choose And here is an example of how to use "Kind regards" in an email: Hello Jay, I noticed you downloaded our most recent case study about how BG Solutions helped streamline the accounting operations of enterprise company Stillwater Inc.

You can think of this phrase as a synonym of prepositions like in, about, and for. For example, In regard to the recent break-ins at our warehouse, the police are reviewing security footage to find more clues. While these versions are all correct, regarding or the prepositions in, about, and for are simpler, and therefore preferable in most situations.

In regards to is another variation of the same phrase.

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In general, this version is considered inferior, just like its close sibling with regards to. The singular versions of both these phrases are preferred in formal writing situations.

Otherwise, you can use any of the above in most professional situations. For emails, you should put one empty line underneath the message, then on the next line, include your typed name. On the lines below your typed signature, include your contact information, such as your phone number or email address. Once you print out the letter, you can use those four lines of blank space to sign your name with a pen. Would you be able to email me a copy of any notes afterward so I can review what I missed?

Another variant, as regards, is also acceptable, but again, single-word prepositions like regarding or for are even better. The chart below shows the relative usage of in regards to vs.

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Trick to Remember the Difference If you must use either of these phrases, the singular in regard to is better than in regards to, which is considered an error. Since in regards to has an extra S, like the word silly, it should be easy to remember that in regards to is silly and you should always choose the singular version instead.

For the record, single-word prepositions with regard to options then regarding or about are better than any of the options above.

with regard to

Summary Is it in regard to or in regards to? In regards to and in regard to are variants of a phrasal preposition that has the same meaning as regarding and about.

In regards to is nonstandard and should be avoided. Still yet, a single-word preposition can be advantageous in many circumstances.