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Cash management accounts are like a savings account-checking account hybrid: They may pay interest rates similar to savings accounts, but are typically offered by brokerage firms and may come with debit cards or checks. Best for: Savings accounts are best for short-term savings or money you need to access only occasionally — think an emergency or vacation fund.

Transactions from a savings account are limited to six per month.

where to invest money to earn reviews

Cash management accounts offer more flexibility and similar — or in some cases, higher — interest rates. See our roundup of the best high-yield savings accounts to find one that fits your needs.

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Where to open a cash where to invest money to earn reviews account: Investment companies and robo-advisors like Betterment and SoFi offer competitive rates on cash management accounts. Certificates of deposit A CD is a federally insured savings account that offers a fixed interest rate for a defined period of time.

where to invest money to earn reviews

Where to buy CDs: CDs are sold based on term length, and the best rates are generally found at online banks and credit unions. See the best CD rates right now based on term length and high yield touch options minimums.

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Money market funds Money market mutual funds are an investment product, not to be confused with money market accountswhich are bank deposit accounts similar to savings accounts. When you invest in a money market fund, your money buys a collection of high-quality, short-term government, bank or corporate debt. Investors also use money market funds to hold a portion of their portfolio in a safer investment than stocks, or as a holding pen for money earmarked for future investment.

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Money market fund growth is more akin to high-yield savings account yields. Government bonds A government bond is a loan from you to a government entity like the federal or municipal government that pays investors interest on the loan over a set period of time, typically one to 30 years.

where to invest money to earn reviews

Because of that steady stream of payments, bonds are known as a fixed-income security. The drawbacks? For more, see our bond explainer.

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The fixed income and lower volatility from bonds make them common with investors nearing or already in retirement, as these individuals may not have a long enough investment horizon to weather unexpected or severe market declines. Where to buy government bonds: You can buy individual bonds or bond funds, which hold a variety of bonds to provide diversification, from a broker or directly from the underwriting investment bank or the Where to invest money to earn reviews.

Our primer on how to buy bonds will help you identify which types to buy and where.