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KT virtual instructor-led sessions provide an efficient way to learn from the comfort of your office or home. Contact Us to learn more eLearning Sometimes, you just want to learn at your own pace. On-Site Training Looking to bring training directly to your team? On-site training includes realistic examples, extensive case studies, application on real issues, and one-on-one coaching led by a highly trained KT facilitator. On-site sessions allow KT to tailor your training to address real issues and opportunities your company is facing.

If it's about Careers, it's here! Career Guidance Workshops The workshop is a general programme providing a broad overview of the numerous career options available to students of every stream, with an introduction to career planning.

The inter-active workshop, using audio-visual aids, assists students in identifying options workshops options and appropriate higher education routes for each, thus enabling them determine the steps they need to take to equip themselves for the world of work. It follows a broad overview of various career options available to students of every stream.

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The workshop will expose students to opportunities in a range of professional fields from fashion designing, law and hotel management to business management, bio-technology and environmental sciences, covering not only the more conventional careers such as the civil services, law, engineering and medicine, as well as a host of new options in event management, modelling, mobile apps options workshops, film animation, music technology, web design, fashion merchandising, social media marketing and many others.

This is an interactive workshop, using audio-visual aids, which assists students in identifying career options and appropriate higher education routes.

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During the question and answer sessions, students and their parents can put forward any question they may have on the different options available, as also on the most suitable institutions for study in India and abroad and the job opportunities thereafter.

This is the first step to making a career decision.

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The selection of a particular stream, affects the choice of a career. The subjects you study in Classes 11 and 12 lay the foundation for your choice of subjects in college.

It was great to share stories and learn from each other. Join us to expand your options counseling skills and your network of like-minded counselors and advocates, all from the comfort of your home or desk! We are excited to make this training accessible to people around the country who are interested in providing high-quality, unbiased, open-hearted support to their pregnant clients and patients.

Career Planning Workshop for Class XI and XII The focus of this workshop is to assist students in identifying higher education options open to students of each subject options workshops, the institutions offering these courses and the steps they need to take to equip themselves for the world of work. Career Planning Workshop for college students The options workshops of this workshop is to expose students to the job market and the new and exciting upcoming careers they can pursue.

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It will assist them in identifying career options after graduation and the appropriate higher education routes to each. This will enable them to map out their career plans, determine the higher educational courses they should consider, and to develop the necessary job skills that employers will look for.

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Choosing a career is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. It is therefore important for students to explore the many career opportunities available so to enable them make informed career decisions. Through an understanding of the importance of career planning, school counselors can help students assess their talents, develop relevant skills and expand career options.

Career guidance can improve the performance of students to a great extent, so as to enable options workshops to grow physically, mentally and emotionally with the knowledge, motivation and freedom to make intelligent career choices.

The Group workshop for counsellors includes: Importance of Career Counselling Stages for implementing Career Counselling in schools Linking education with the realities of work Options workshops world of work.

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