Author of earnings on the network

And then there are the career writers.

Last year the headline figures from the report were released, which we responded to here.

Authors who enjoy writing, but approach it entirely as a job. Earning revenue is central to their writing, rather than a by-product of it. Neither is right or wrong; this just highlights that people write for a lot of different reasons.

author of earnings on the network

You have to begin with your goal and work back from it. It seems like more and more authors are chasing that dream of quitting their day job and just creating stories for a living.

Which is respectable income, but not enough to live on. You could go wide and hope to sell more books. Or you could hyper-focus on a niche audience with a more expensive book.

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There is no one right way if there was, I author of earnings on the network I would tell you. A lot depends on the genre you write in, the time you have to dedicate to both writing and marketing, you design skills or publishing teamand the quality of your writing. All of which makes it damned hard to pin where to invest and how to make money a strategy that works.

How Much Can You Make Writing A Book?

From blogs to videos to podcasts to books, publishing experts abound. You can find lots of great advice to help you sell your book.

author of earnings on the network

From book launches that spike book sales or clever ebook strategies, there are ways to push your sales purely with your book. Those ideas are so magical, publishers just pay you for the privilege of printing and selling your book.

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Today, many writers eschew that model—since it only works for a small fraction of writers—and are publishing themselves. The staggering cost of printing a run of books is gone because of print-on-demand, so that just leaves the cost to edit and design the book, and the marketing efforts.

author of earnings on the network

Which can still be substantial. And when we want to consider how much authors make from their work, we have to allow for that cost. The quality of your book cover design will absolutely impact your author earnings, for example.

Your author earnings will come in two primary forms: Spikes in sales because of a book launch or marketing campaign Passive income from regular sales Your passive income is what you earn from past efforts.

Report on authors’ earnings has worrying implications for diversity

Even Forbes, in this list of passive income ideas fromincludes two ideas that lend themselves to books. Book selling is, all on its own, a perfectly valid form of passive income. But even with four or five books in author of earnings on the network catalog, you would still need to sell a lot of books to chalk up enough author earnings to be a full-time writer.

Luckily, there are a ton of different ways you can use ecommerce to sell a variety of products and even services to supplement your book sales.

Writing To Get Paid

Passive Income Ideas Anything you can create and offer for sale using either a digital medium or on-demand creation can work as a passive income source. The most important consideration is how the products and services you offer work with your books.

author of earnings on the network

If you write business books, your products will look very different! Books Okay, not just the books you write.

News | The Society of Authors

First, offering your book in a variety of formats. Paperback, hardcover, and ebook are pretty standard.

author of earnings on the network

But you could also do an alternative art cover or a version with a special note or essay included. Or you could create other kinds of books; like notebooks or planners.

Authors Earnings

Make a cover that highlights some of your characters or a notebook that works as a companion to your book. And these are ideas are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to books you can create and use to earn passive income.

But using your skills to earn extra income builds your network and portfolio; both great ways to grow your author brand.

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For some authors, selling their services could prove more lucrative than selling books! And it can lead to a whole range of opportunities.