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The German internet industry's revenue from services and applications is forecast to be close to 3.

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Aggregation and transactionas well as network infrastructure also contributed to the internet industry revenue in Germany. The industry is expected to employ approximatelyindividuals in Germany by The internet is the basis for a vibrant e-commerce market in Europe.

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The UK and Germany are the most developed part of the European market. In the UK the share of internet users who shopped online amounted to over 80 percent in Germany is predicted to have practically the same penetration rate of of 81 percent by In the UK the share of online retail sales is estimated to reach Average annual online shopping spending per capita in came to 1, euros in the Earnings in the euro network and euros in Germany.

However, companies in Ireland had the highest e-commerce revenue sharedespite the country being a less developed market overall.

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The internet also offers an active advertising platform. Worldwide online advertising revenues amounted to approximately billion U.

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In the same year, online advertising revenue in Germany amounted to 6 billion euros. Spanish online advertising revenues reached a total of million euros in Digital advertising in the UK generated a revenue of This text provides general information.

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