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Lots of super smart VC people in the valley just exited a little bit sooner. That's quite literally the only difference.

man makes money

This whole investment ecosystem was built around this, gotta exit ASAP swivelmaster 7 months ago The difference is that VCs exited when they realized that the business model was probably never going to work, while Softbank happily took their place despite likely knowing that the other investors were getting out.

It's like walking into a house man makes money while everyone is running out the back yelling "cops are coming!

The short answer is no. You can only avail of these ways after putting in the necessary work — which takes time and patience! That's why launching and growing my YouTube channel was one of the best things I ever did.

It has nothing to do with the business, just valuations. If you get in at or before Series A you are going to make money nearly every time.

man makes money

If you get in after that you are going to lose money nearly every time. This has nothing to do with the industry or the business model or smart people making savvy choices.

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I'd argue that from a humanistic standpoint, spreading money around is at least better than sitting on money. My current and only investment strategy, that has worked out way beyond expectations is investing in near monopolies.

man makes money

I call it: the rich get richer strategy. Got it from reading Warren Buffett books.

man makes money

Out of curiosity, how did you end up with that username?