Bot token how to find out

Tokens are used inside bot code to send commands back and forth to the API, which in turn controls bot actions.

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Never share your Discord Bot Token with anyone. Generating Your Token Step-by-Step 1.

Creating a discord bot & getting a token

If you already have a bot created, click it in the list. If this is true, then think about what you want your bot to be named and enter it here.

bot token how to find out

IconFinder has a huge collection of amazing icons. You have your token!

bot token how to find out

A natural next step, however, is to add your bot into your Discord Server. Your permissions are the second line of defense in case somebody gets their hands on your bot token.

Only give your bot the permissions it really needs, that way you lower the risk of compromising your server. Your bot has been authorized, and you should see it pop up in the list of participants on your server!

Take extra care NOT to share your token.

bot token how to find out

And if you do have bot code that you put together that uses your token, make sure that when sharing the code or uploading it publicly, such as to GitHub for exampleyou leave your token out!