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Black teens are especially burdened by the homework gap: One in four of them at least sometimes struggle to complete assignments because of a lack of technology at home.

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And close to half earnings on assignments on the Internet teenagers in the bottom income bracket have to do their homework on a cellphone occasionally or often. Read: The futile resistance against classroom tech From a history-class assignment on the political debate over immigration to required participation in an online discussion board for AP Environmental Science, access to a functioning computer and high-speed internet is all but a prerequisite for success in high school.

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This is becoming especially true as schools gravitate toward software where students file assignments and papers virtually, as well as schools that equip each student with a laptop or tablet ; one survey found that half of U. Close to two in three teachers use technology in their classroom daily, according to a separate survey.

The homework gap can have major consequences, with some studies suggesting that teens who lack access to a computer at home are less likely to graduate from high school than their more technologically equipped peers.

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Although the big telecom providers offer subsidies to low-income families, these programs are generally underused. And while disadvantaged students can resort to public libraries and other venues that offer free Wi-Fi, such alternatives are still major obstacles to finishing homework every night.

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Craig Watkins spent a year and a half observing and interacting with high schoolers to better understand the digital divide. They also tended to rely on other needy classmates to find work-arounds, sharing with one another smartphones and tablets that more affluent students often take for granted, for instance.

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