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Read more about the Index and the international panel that helped develop it, download how to make money new technologies report and data modeland watch our introductory video.

GHS Index Map While high-income countries report an average score of The findings are drawn from rating dealing center source information that answered questions across the categories.

The full report offers 33 recommendations to address the gaps identified by the index. No country is fully prepared for epidemics or pandemics, and every country has important gaps to address.

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Data Highlights: Health security capacity in every country should be transparent and regularly measured, and results should be published at rating dealing center once every two years. Leaders should improve coordination, especially linkages between security and public health authorities, in insecure environments. New financing mechanisms should be established to fill preparedness gaps, such as a new multilateral global health security matching fund; and expansion of Rating dealing center Bank International Development Association IDA allocations to include preparedness.

The Office Keo makes big money the United Nations UN Secretary-General should designate a permanent facilitator or unit for high-consequence biological events.

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Countries should test their health security capacities and publish after-action reviews, at least annually. The UN Secretary-General should call a heads-of-state-level summit by on biological threats including a focus on rating dealing center and emergency response.

Poor marks for China, partisan divides over WHO

Countries are not prepared for a globally catastrophic biological rating dealing center. Governments should include measurable biosecurity and biosafety benchmarks in national health security strategies and track progress on an annual basis.

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A dedicated international normative body should be developed to promote the early identification and reduction of biological risks associated with advances in technology. Public and private organizations should invest a percentage of their sustainable development and health security portfolios in the area of biosecurity.

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Funders and researchers should provide incentives to identify and reduce biological risks associated with advances in technology and should invest in technical innovations that can improve biosecurity. Leaders should prioritize the development of operational linkages between security and public health authorities for biological crises.

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Countries and international organizations should prioritize the development of national biosurveillance capabilities and a global biosurveillance architecture. There is little evidence that most countries have tested important health security capacities or shown that they would be functional in a crisis. By holding annual simulation exercises, countries will show commitment to a functioning system.

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By publishing after-action reviews, countries can transparently demonstrate that their response capabilities will function in a crisis and can identify areas for improvement. Health security financing, evaluations, and planning should prioritize functional capability and regular exercises. Most countries have not allocated funding from national budgets to fill identified preparedness gaps. Domestic financing for health security should be urgently increased, made transparent, and tied to benchmarks within national action plans.

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Decision makers should create new health security preparedness financing mechanisms that incentivize measurable improvements, such as a such as a new multilateral global health security matching fund, and expansion of IDA allocations to include preparedness.

International leaders should examine the availability of financing to support rapid and complete outbreak response. The UN should track and publish outbreak-related costs and contributions.


More than half of countries face rating dealing center political and security risks that could undermine national capability to counter biological threats. National governments and donors should assess political and security risk factors when making resources available to support capacity development. The UN Security Council should urgently convene a series of meetings aimed at the development of rapid response capabilities, strategies, workforce, and protections necessary for outbreaks that originate in or spread to countries with high political or security risks.

Most countries lack foundational health systems capacities vital for epidemic and pandemic response. Data Highlights: Lowest scoring category: for health systems, average score of Leaders should take steps to build and maintain robust healthcare and public health workforces that play a major role in biological crises.

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Coordination and training are inadequate among veterinary, wildlife, and public health professionals and policymakers. Countries should identify an agency and grant rating dealing center authority to coordinate training and information sharing among human, animal, and environmental health professionals for outbreak preparedness and response.

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Decision makers should consider infectious disease risks when developing policies and plans related to climate change, land use, and urban planning.

Improving country compliance with international health and security norms is essential. Countries should establish national and regional protocols for rapidly sharing genetic materials and specimens during public health emergencies.

National health authorities should develop epidemic- and pandemic-specific preparedness and response strategies as part of routine disaster and broader national security planning efforts.

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