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Younger school-age students often require significantly more support. Early elementary students focus deeply on learning foundational skills like reading and critical mathematical skills.

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As students mature, less direct parent guidance should be required to be successful if the student possesses independent study skills and strong time management skills. Students who are not on grade level, need professional intervention or special services may elect to participate in virtual but are best served in a traditional school environment.

These options are a form of learning where content is delivered via the internet on a schedule forts options for dummies video best fits their personal needs.

Examples include email, online discussion forums, message boards, pre-recorded video lessons, etc. Teachers will schedule regular opportunities to communicate through video conferencing, such as Zoom, or phone calls to maintain social and emotional connections.

forts options for dummies video

Efficient home internet is necessary for your child to have a successful virtual education. All students living within the Fort Smith School District have the opportunity to select virtual school programming.

All communications, orientation, etc.

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Every effort will be made to keep Virtual Option students enrolled in their zoned elementary school or junior high whichever applies to their grade level. With conditions continuing to change, thank you in advance for your flexibility.

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Online learning may not be for everyone. If a family determines virtual programming is not the best choice for their student, the student may return to their zoned school within the first 10 school days of the semester. Ultimately, we want to make sure that students are placed in a learning environment that is right for the student.

Can my child still participate in activities at their zoned school? Parents can continue to participate in PTA and other parent activities.

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Can my student mix and match virtual and traditional? No, students must select traditional or virtual. This includes, orchestra, band, choir, athletics. Students must attend at least one class in person on the campus to participate in an AAA activity.

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The activity can count as the one class on campus if provided during the school day. What is the format of the classes?

forts options for dummies video

Will there be video lectures? Will students have to log in to the classes forts options for dummies video certain times of the day or is there flexibility in schedule? The classes will utilize an online curriculum adapted and monitored by FSPS teachers.

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Students can log in anytime of day or night and units and assignments will have broad short-term deadlines. Teachers may record direct instruction or schedule Live Lessons. Instructional formats will vary to allow flexibility in scheduling and learning activities. What curriculum will you be using? Our virtual school teachers will be using Pearson Connexus content guided by Arkansas course standards and aligned with FSPS essential standards. Will my student have access to other services?

Other services will be available either on campus or virtually to meet exceptional needs such as Special Education, IEPs, s, English Language Learners, Dyslexia, etc How will communication take place?

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Teacher, student, parent and peer interaction may occur through video conferencing, email, online classroom chat and comment features, phone and face-to-face.

If conditions require, the District may call Crisis Virtual learning for all students in one school or the entire District, where students who attend traditional schools would continue learning remotely.

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What virtual options are available for grade students? In grades 10—12, virtual school students start to really take charge of their education—setting goals, working independently, and exploring their future options.

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Will this be like the virtual instruction that occurred at the end of the school year? The community can take pride in the way that district team members rallied to respond to the needs of students and families when school buildings closed in March in response to the pandemic. Teachers provided resources such as engaging web sites, optional activities, and live video conferences.

Based on this experience, the acquisition of new equipment, and the implementation of a new professional development program, the district is now better equipped to provide off-site instruction for virtual learners.

forts options for dummies video

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