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Facebook Twitter Reddit Flipboard Natural resource behemoths such as water, oil and steel could help you cash hefty paychecks until your old and gray. Here the ten options worth your consideration.

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Seriously though, is there any easier way to get paid for doing less? Car Advertisement Whenever I see one of these, the immediate reaction of the people around me is to point and laugh.

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What do these companies pay? Where can I sign up?

Yet being the otiose one will definitely make you unwanted in the community but who considers money making man worthless?

Those people can point and laugh all they want. Selling Bodily Fluids Why not turn a profit from your masturbation?

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Double Dipping at How to make money being lazy One of my personal favorites, and something that are society frowns upon greatly yet has allowed for more than a century, is getting paid for two jobs at the same time. All you need to do is slack off on one job, or task, while putting your focus into the second job.

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Become a Virtual Assistant How enticing does working from home sound? Sounds pretty awesome, right? Welcome to the 21st century, folks. Flipping a Product Nowadays, this is better known as online reselling, but it can still be done effectively enough to yield a significant profit outside the digital realm.

10 Ways Lazy Bros Can Get Paid More for Doing Less

The one factor this method requires, which most bros may not have, is capital to invest with. It can include jewelry preferably top of the linecars, houses, furniture, etc. Medical ones always pay the best.

3 Lazy Ways To Make Money Online

See: selling bodily fluids, above. Sell those old basketball jerseys and DVDs and make some money off those old Christmas gifts.

Sign up for the app here and redeem one rebate. Refer two friends.

Of all the options listed, this method probably requires the most how to make money being lazy effort, but the trick here is to convince your mom to set up shop for you. Think of something universal, bigger than yourself — like Africa.

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Of course, the Holy Grail of this is finding a video game company that will pay you to test out there game. Never answer his calls on the weekend. Come into work late and leave early.

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Take hour-long lunches and, most importantly, steal that malfunctioning printer and bash it into little pieces. And with that new promotion will come with a new increased salary.