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Once a staple of soldiers' diets, Spam's reluctant legacy may be as the clown of the US food world. Spam Source: Spam.

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On the mustachioed trader options front, Spam is marking the occasion by introducing its first-ever mascot —a stubby, mustachioed cartoon knight named Sir Can-A-Lot. Sir Can-A-Lot is just the latest in long tradition of shrewd marketing moves for Spam, which seems to have thrived in the US more by poking gentle fun at itself mustachioed trader options by actual taste though enthusiasts in Hawaii and Asia might disagree.

Seven billion cans of Spam have been manufactured worldwide as ofbut its image in the States is still that of an unappetizing, indestructible mystery meat — a throwback to the Twinkie-dominated era of midcentury non-perishables that have gone largely out of fashion today.

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But the canned meat may have gone the way of the Twinkie parent company Hostess filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year if not for the British sketch comedy troupe Monty Python. InHormel opened an expansive Spam musem at the Austin, Minn, manufacturing plant location, where, in addition to canning Spam in a mock assembly line and eating at an all-Spam restaurant, you can screen Monty Python sketches.

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And Hormel doesn't always take the Spam bashing in stride. Inthe company threatened to sue a local Commonwealth of the Northern Marina Islands newspaper for articles decrying Spam, which has a very high salt content, as having adverse effects on the local population.

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Still, if it mustachioed trader options selling at its current rate million can per year, according to HormelSpam will roll out its 8 billionth can in two years or so. So while many of us may love Spam solely for its joke potential, many more love it honestly, and have for three quarters of a century.

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